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Creamed, the Confectionary was born out of a little bit of curiosity and courage amid a world pandemic. A custom-to-order bakery, its mission is to create made-from-scratch desserts from high-quality ingredients that are overwhelmingly delicious, aesthetically pleasing, and a unique experience for you and your taste buds to remember. From traditional Flans to custom cakes to specialty cakes like their Cafè Con Leche, the hardest decision to make will be whether to order an extra cake just for yourself!

“Being a stay-at-home mom during a lockdown naturally brought a lot more time on my hands, so after about ten months, I decided to create an Instagram account, and everything completely snowballed from there!” Sabrina Paran is the founder, cake designer, baker, packer, washer, deliverer… well, she is Creamed, the Confectionary. And her dedication to practice her cake designs intensified with every order. She didn’t just desire to become better at baking cakes but in creating a masterpiece that touched the hearts of her clients. “My clients truly fueled me into becoming the cake designer I am today!”


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When it comes to the decoration process, all her cakes are an “in-the-moment” process. She rarely maps out any designs unless requested by the client because she “truly never knows what a cake will fully turn out to be” until it’s ready to be delivered. “Every cake design is truly a spark of my intuition and inspiration from a variety of different textures, florals, color palettes, and patterns,” Sabrina explained. And the flavor options are “absolutely endless” with every single confection being made completely from scratch. “Down to our fillings, compotes, toffee, caramels, and even marshmallows!” Sabrina enjoys being hands-on in all aspects to ensure that every fine detail is completed to a tee, delivering her clients with nothing less than sweetened perfection.

From wedding cakes, specialty cakes, cupcakes, cookies, Italian macarons, and custards, every order is custom. Every baked good isn’t just another decadent sweet, but an experience to be enjoyed with family and friends. And that’s her favorite part of the job – getting to know her customers and earn their trust so that she can pour her heart and soul into every sweet is what fuels her work. “Let’s create together, and make the magic happen!”



While Sabrina has had many memorable customer experiences, there’s one that will forever be ingrained in her memory. The cake design was named, “Forget Me Not.” This client had reached out to her about creating a cake for her mother’s upcoming birthday. Through conversation, Sabrina found out that her client’s mother was in hospice, and it would potentially be her last birthday cake she’d eat. Her client had sent Sabrina a picture of her tattoo that she had dedicated to her mother, which read, “Love you, Mom” with two Forget Me Not florals (Myosotis scorpioides) crossed at their stems right underneath. These florals are moderately tall, sprawling wildflowers that are a beautiful mixture of powdery blue flowers and bright yellow centers.

“As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to do a replica of the florals on her cake,” she explained. And Sabrina did just that! When her client was finally able to see her mother in person again after over a year of separation, she was able to feed her a slice of this very special birthday cake that touched the hearts of every family member in the room that day. “Her whole family face timed me shortly after expressing their gratitude and little did they know that moment would always be in my heart. I bawled like a baby on the way home, and it was the day that confirmed that this was my life calling.”

To learn more about the services Sabrina offers or inquire about your own custom order, you can email her at You can also browse a few of her past cake designs on Instagram @creamedtheconfectionary.



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