The ‘Colored Women’ of Politics

There is a standout group in the political domain who calls themselves the “Colored Girls.” In a male-dominated career field, these women have made history and revolutionized politics, especially for black Americans. Let’s learn more about the lives and achievements of Donna Brazile, Minyon Moore, Leah Daughtry, and Yolanda Caraway, the Colored Girls who considered politics!

Donna Brazile was an exceptional political strategist and campaign manager who worked with big-named democratic candidates such as Jessie Jackson in the 1980s. Brazile was the first black woman to direct a major presidential campaign when she worked as a campaign manager for Al Gore in the 2000 elections. Just two decades earlier, she volunteered for the Jimmy Carter-Walter Mondale presidential campaign back in 1980 when she was still a student at Louisiana State University. A New Orleans native, Brazile became enamored with politics when a local political candidate promised to construct a playground in their city. Perhaps it was then when Brazile discovered how much of a difference a politician can make in a given environment which inspired her to operate in the political world. In high school, she joined Upward Bound, an educational program helping students gain resources and attend college. She served as Chair of the Democratic National Convention (DNC) from July 2016 to February 2017 and now works as a contributor for FOX News.

Minyon Moore has a diverse resume ranging in career fields from politics to film. It’s hard to determine her general title because she is so dynamic in the political world. Moore is known as a political activist and as one of the country’s top strategic thinkers in political affairs. She is the founder of Women Building the Future (also known as the Future PAC) to ensure that black women are heard in regards to politics—especially during election season. During Bill Clinton’s tenure as president, Moore served as his assistant, Director of White House Political Affairs, and Director of White House Public Liaison. In regards to her interest in film, Moore graduated from Boston University Film School with a concentration in digital filmmaking. She formerly served on the executive board of the Writer’s Guild Foundation with big names in film and television such as Shonda Rimes and Sally Wilcox. Moore has gained various awards and recognitions throughout her political career, with one of them being one of the “100 Most Powerful Women in Washington” by Washingtonian Magazine!

Leah Daughtry has meandered through her career life as a political organizer, activist, strategist, and, most recently, an event planner and minister! Born in Brooklyn, New York, she has been gifted with an entrepreneurial spirit which led her to launch Power Rising, an organization created by black women, for black women to uplift them socially, economically, and politically to ensure equality and representation among black communities. She is the only member to serve as CEO of the DNC twice (first in 2008, and again in 2016). She has a way of marrying God and politics together and makes sure her political accomplishments are a reflection of His divine character. She believes her strongest gift is “creating calm out of chaos.”

Yolanda Caraway was very intentional in the political field. She has been a political organizer and director for many campaigns in the 1980s. Some of her most distinctive accomplishments include serving as director of the DNC’s Fairness Commission in 1985, chief of staff of the National Rainbow Coalition, and helping out with the 1988 Jessie Jackson for President Campaign. In 1990, Caraway served as national coordinator of the first Mayor’s Urban Summit. This event was such a success that it became a template for subsequent mayoral summits! Perhaps one of her grandest creations is the Caraway Group she established back in 1987. The Caraway Group is a public relations agency that specializes in multicultural marketing and public affairs. One of their first clients was Mario Van Peebles. They helped him promote his film, Panther. Caraway is currently serving as the DNC’s Standing Committee on Resolutions.

These women elevated fast in their lanes, but making it to the top wasn’t easy. It took years of fighting and standing up for their beliefs, which makes their rise so powerful.



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