Club Pilates: The ultimate whole body workout!


When Kristin Henry opened Club Pilates in Winston-Salem in January 2020, she followed one particular belief in every aspect of the new venture: If you’re in control of your body, you’re in control of your life!

As studio owner and lead instructor, she found a strong passion for Pilates after teaching yoga in college, and realized, as most students of Pilates do, that this skill set incorporates the flexibility of yoga, the strength and precision of martial arts, and the alignment of acrobatics. Pilates is often the most highly recommended form of exercise for patients just starting out, or for those who may be in recovery from an illness or injury. Based on the principles of centering, concentration, control, precision, breath, and flow, Pilates incorporates a blend of slow, refined, and deliberate movements.

Pilates is also a low-impact form of exercise that is gentle on your bones and joints, making it a perfect fitness option for people who can’t do high-impact activities, like running or jumping. But to many newcomers, Pilates is a bit of a mystery.

“The biggest misconception about Pilates is that it’s only about stretching,” explains Kristin. “But that is just one of its aspects. Pilates is a whole body workout focused on the core. These exercises lengthen and strengthen for a balanced and effective workout, improving all aspects of physical movement.

Streamlining the Top Five Benefits of Pilates for our readers, Kristin shares the life-changing reasons to give it a try!

  1. Strengthens core and postural muscles, and promotes an overall more positive feeling
  2. Reduces joint and back pain
  3. Improves flexibility and range of motion
  4. Prevents injury and balances the muscles of the body
  5. Improves balance

Taught by professional, fully trained instructors, your first 30-minute full-body session at Club Pilates is always free, and introduces you to the foundations of Pilates and the studio’s state-of-the-art equipment, and also offers a chance to get to know the incredible staff. There are group classes or private training sessions available for every age and fitness level, even those with limited mobility, including Reformer, Flow, Cardio Sculpt, Control, Suspend, Restore, Center + Balance, F.I.T., and cross-training for young adults. Participants can choose individual classes that fit their schedule, or a monthly class membership. The bottom line? It’s never too late to start!

With the knowledge that regular exercise is absolutely crucial for a healthy immune system as well, the benefits become even stronger. Thinking of your body as an entire system of interwoven needs is the first step to overall wellness. Kristin opened the Winston-Salem studio just before the pandemic, when self-care was just about to take on a whole new meaning.

“People are coming to realize more and more that a healthy body is easier to keep healthy and that immuno strength goes hand in hand with exercise,” she explains. “Pilates is a form of exercise everyone, including immuno-compromised individuals, can access and benefit from.”

If you’re new to the idea of a regular fitness regime or you are looking to take your fitness abilities to the next level, visit Club Pilates, located in Winston-Salem at 371 Lower Mall Drive in Thruway Shopping Center. Reach them at 336-717-1222 for more information on class options, or online at A locally owned and operated franchise, Club Pilates is also an excellent outlet for making new friendships and supporting others to become their very best selves!



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