Clemmons Country Store: A ‘Taste’ for Every Season!

At Clemmons Country Store in Clemmons, NC, a smile, kind word, and a casual conversation are all part of the shopping experience that creates something special year around for customers.

A Little Something for Everyone, All Year Long!

Clemmons Country Store, owned by Sherrie and Tim Billings, opened in 2000 selling high-quality, local products to the Clemmons Community. For over 20 years, customers have come to expect not only fresh fruits and vegetables, but a little something for everyone.

“We love selling local products and giving talented bakers and artisans the opportunity to shine and showcase their goods. Our customers rave about the unique items we have like birdhouse gourds, locally made jewelry, as well as the delicious homemade desserts and baked goods from businesses such as Mrs. Pumpkin’s. For our customers who have little time to cook, or maybe don’t like to cook, we have chicken pies, lasagna, shrimp and pasta, baked spaghetti, crab & lobster ravioli, vegetable lasagna, just to mention a few, to take home and heat up or bake. Some items continue to be available year around like local honey, apple butter, Amish preserves, local eggs and sausage, NC Ashe County cheeses, molasses, and elderberry,” said Sherrie.  Along with a wide variety of items, Sherrie and Tim give attention to the quality of what they offer.

Only the Best of the Best!

To determine which products make the shelves at Clemmons Country Store, Sherrie and Tim research each product and are dedicated to knowing where each item is made and/or grown before ever selling it to their customers. “To maintain the integrity of the goods and services we sell, Tim and I make sure that food items are produced from licensed kitchens, and that all plant vendors are licensed through the NC Department of Agriculture. We work diligently to give our customers the best experience possible with what we offer,” Sherrie commented.

A Reputation Known Far and Wide

When Clemmons Country Store first opened almost 22 years ago, Sherrie attended pop-up seasonal markets to find different suppliers for products sold in-store. Now, the store’s reputation is so well-known throughout the community and beyond, that new suppliers and vendors approach Sherrie and Tim on their own to inquire about joining their team.

When You See a Need, Meet It!

A decision to make a bit of a life change brought Sherrie and Tim to opening Clemmons Country Store. “With my degree in criminal justice, I worked for many years as a private investigator,” said Sherrie “but after getting married and starting my family, it was hectic managing a family and traveling for my job. My father and brother owned several service stations in the Clemmons, NC, area and I eventually became one of the only female owners/operators of an Exxon convenience store. I believed Clemmons could benefit from a country store, to sell local products to the community, so in 1999 I signed the lease for Clemmons Country Store. Clemmons has turned out to be the perfect location for the store. For us, part of the fun of owning the store is getting to know our customers by name and sharing exciting moments and memories with them throughout the years. As you can imagine, in 20 years, we have seen children grow up and become adults, now bringing their children back to the store to continue their shopping tradition. We have amazing and loyal customers, many are regulars, coming by more than once a week,” Sherrie stated.

A Plant Lover’s Paradise

No matter the season, Clemmons Country Store has flowers to bring a little color to your home and yard. “If it’s springtime, we have beautiful hanging baskets, geraniums, ferns, mixed container pots, as well as herb and vegetable plants. I love gardening myself, so this is a special part of the store for me. As the seasons change, we add in mums, pansies, with a few scarecrows sprinkled in for the perfect touch of fall. The past few years, our garden flags have become popular, and we have them for all four seasons. Our store also offers customers locally made silk cemetery arrangements to honor loved ones. As the years have gone by, we try to continue to offer unique items and foods, while keeping our quality high and introducing customers to the best of what our community has to offer,” said Sherrie.

If you are interested in stopping by and seeing all that Clemmons Country Store has to offer, visit Sherrie and Tim at 2690 Lewisville-Clemmons Rd., Clemmons, NC, or visit to read more about the products sold in-store. The store is open 10 am-5 pm Monday-Saturday and 12 pm-5 pm on Sundays.

For the latest update from Sherrie, Tim, and their team, check out the store’s Facebook page and follow @clemmonscountrystore on Instagram for all things local.


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