Keeping It Real: A Humbling Invitation

Laugh if you want, but I STILL bake Christmas cookies with my grown children. We’ve laughed and loved through this tradition since before they were old enough to remember the memory! My heart smiles to remember those little flour-smudged faces and sprinkle-filled floors. Oh, the mess! But oh, the delight! The sweetness of those moments […]

Keeping the Holidays Simple – How to Have More with Less!

Some people seem to thrive on the chaos of the holidays, soaking up all the hustle and bustle, the parties and the planning, the shopping, the decorating and all the other things on their “to-do” lists.  For others, however, just the anticipation of the holidays can feel very stressful and overwhelming. Rather than feeling joyous, […]

Don’t Forget to Include These People on Your Holiday Gift List

The holidays are a busy time with various annual activities. One is shopping for all of the recipients on your holiday gift list. When it comes to creating the list of who to shop for and what they are getting, most of the time people think of their family and friends. Yet, there may be […]

Grumpy Grinch or Moody Scrooge Stealing Your Christmas & Holiday Spirit?

Feeling burned out and bedraggled by the bedlam of the holidays? It may be the happiest time of year for some, but it’s also easy to be a grump in a slump. Grinch aside, whatever or whoever is getting you down, or if you’re just feeling alone this time of year, hope this article helps […]

Toys for Tots – Celebrating 75 Years of Bringing Smiles to Children’s Faces

There truly is nothing like seeing the holidays through the eyes of a child with a new toy. Unfortunately, not all children have families that can afford a wanted toy. Since 1947, Toys for Tots, has collected new, unwrapped toys and distributed them to children whose parents are unable to afford Christmas gifts. The non-profit […]

A Sisters’ Christmas: Embracing New Traditions

We both knew that with my relocation to the South, things would be different. A mere three  months in and it was already the holiday season. “You’re coming for Christmas, right?” “Well no, I mean there’s Alex’s wedding in January, so we’ll all get together then.” It was hard to push back on the logic. […]

On the Road Again: How to Spend Seven Days in West Virginia

If you’re not a fan of nature, West Virginia might not be the state for you – although there’s still plenty to enjoy aside from the outdoors. Here’s how to spend seven days in the “Mountain State.” Day 1 – Make it to Morgantown We’ll start our trip in the college town of Morgantown, WV, […]

Holidays, Please Hold the Hassle!

With two of the most celebrated and cherished holidays positioned back-to-back, Christmas and Thanksgiving are the times of year when families and friends go all out to secure valuable time with one another. It takes an immense effort to host family and friends during the holidays. The hassles of cleaning, organizing, scheduling, and cooking create […]

The Reverse Advent Calendar: A Fulfilling Twist on a Popular Holiday Tradition

Advent calendars are a popular tradition for the holiday season and help people count down to Christmas in a fun and festive way. Specifically, the calendar marks the period of Advent or the preparation for the birth of Jesus Christ. Today’s version of the Advent calendar dates back to the 1800s. It is based on […]