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Need new photos for your professional website or looking to make a new Christmas card photo with the family? Ditch the tripod and self-timer, and hire a professional photographer who can get the job done hassle-free. Megan Black Photography is a one-stop-shop for professional photos for all occasions. Megan Black and her expertise will capture your best moments on camera, from corporate and entrepreneurial branding photos to engagement, wedding, or family photo sessions.

Before starting a photography business, Megan worked a 9 to 5 job at a specialty service firm. While she always enjoyed photography as a hobby, she never considered taking it up as a career until witnessing a disastrous cake smash photoshoot for her daughter’s birthday in 2018. Because the session was far from successful, Megan decided to try her hand at taking her daughter’s photos after the fact. Surprisingly, she found that her own photo session was a piece of cake.

Megan eased into the professional world of photography by initially holding photoshoots with close friends and family. She researched cameras, lenses, photo editing software, computers and memory cards, and even took online classes to further her photography knowledge and skills. By May 2021, she had successfully built a quality clientele and became a full-time photographer and business owner. The fruits of her labor were finally paying off, after working many late nights and handling the stress of juggling motherhood in the midst of a new business venture.

In Megan’s eyes, investing in some of the best camera lenses and equipment on the market are essential to top-notch photography, in addition to extensive schooling and research. Currently, she is well-versed in various editing styles and is knowledgeable in a plethora of posing styles and methods for capturing candid photos throughout weddings and events. Because Megan is well aware that posing can be uncomfortable for many individuals, especially if it’s one of their first professional photoshoots, she has a few tools up her sleeve to bring out the best in her clients during each session. To ease her clients’ nerves, Megan takes a few minutes to engage in a casual conversation with them, helping them feel relaxed and comfortable. After clients’ initial jitters have dissipated, Megan is able to capture the perfect shot of them in an effortless, natural pose.

For Megan, different photoshoot styles bring different rewards. “I love branding because I get to watch business owners get excited and passionate about their products and services,” Megan explains. “It is extremely rewarding to be a part of their journey and be their biggest cheerleader.”

Megan believes that high-quality photos give a business or entrepreneur a more professional and sophisticated appearance when advertising their services to the community. Professional photos give potential customers the perception that the company or entrepreneur cares about their products and services enough to invest their hard-earned money back into their business. Additionally, professional photos capture smaller details in products that other imaging may not.

What’s the key to a successful branding photoshoot? Megan emphasizes that it’s important to be yourself and stay as authentic as possible. According to Megan, “During branding sessions, I focus on my clients’ products, services, and business environment. I always perform branding photoshoots in the client’s workspace, which provides a better illustration of who the business or entrepreneur truly is. It’s imperative that the space is clean and organized, and that all participants are on time and ready to have fun.”

When it comes to family photoshoots, Megan enjoys capturing moments that family members will be able to look back on for years and years. From maternity photos to first birthday parties, Megan Black Photography strives to create beautiful memories for clients of all ages and life stages.

Ready to book Megan Black Photography for your big day? Email or call (336) 817-7467 to book your session today. For pricing information, testimonials, and to view Megan’s portfolio, visit her website at Follow @meganblackphotographync on Instagram and check out her Facebook page to stay up to date on the latest news from Megan Black Photography.



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