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Have you heard the saying “sky before screens?” It’s simple. Step outside and get some morning sunlight before you look at any sort of screen, whether it be the TV, your phone or computer screen. I will admit, this will be much easier when the sun starts to rise a little earlier, but for now, I’m using it as an excuse to sleep a little later. In addition to stepping outside for a few minutes first thing, I have been delaying my coffee. I wait a minimum of 45 minutes before making my first (and only) cup of coffee. Why in the world would I do such a crazy thing? Well, because the science behind it makes sense to me! It takes our bodies 30-60 minutes to flush out the adenosine from our previous night’s sleep. This is that “groggy” feeling you have in the morning. Having caffeine immediately upon waking blocks the adenosine receptors and doesn’t allow it to “clear off” on its own. So, once your coffee (that you drank immediately upon waking up) wears off, you feel that same groggy feeling you felt right when you woke up. These tips came from a recent Mel Robbins podcast that I’d highly recommend – 8 Small Habits That Will Change Your Life. 


One of my favorite columns talks about the importance of morning sunlight this month, too! Head to page 56 to read Clean Living With Coach Jane and why you should be exposing yourself to the cold and stepping outside first thing in the morning. 


I’m beyond thrilled with our cover this month! The beautiful Christi of Aeracura Salon is gracing our front cover. We had so much fun at this shoot – you HAVE to check out the group shot on page 48. They have a huge team, and we had to do quite a bit of maneuvering to get them all in the shot. We couldn’t be happier with the final result!


This month, we have a very special Galentine’s Girls’ Night Out event! Join us on February 13th at Robert Hall. Scan the QR code at the bottom of this page to learn more and purchase your ticket(s) for the event. Grab your best gals and put on your red or pink attire for a night full of fun – we’ll have a photo booth, specialty cocktails and so much more! I promise you don’t want to miss this one. 


Wishing you a month full of love, 




Wishing a very Happy Birthday to my Pop Pop Charlie. He turns 90 years old on February 25th. What a milestone! 



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