Beyond the Beauty Box: Appreciate and Empower Your Unique Beauty & Self-Worth 


In a jaded society often perpetuated by the media and social media, it’s easy to lose touch with valuing our true selves and delving deeper beyond surface-level appearances.

Mainstream coveted cookie cutter airbrushed beauty that’s often perceived as “flawless” and near to “perfect” models are considered the ideal people and are ubiquitously featured in magazines.

OCD nipping and tucking with costly cosmetic and surgical procedures is considered commonplace. From Botox to boob jobs and butt boosting, the beauty industry is booming, catering in large part to women, and feeding on their insecurities, brains and bank accounts.

There’s an unhealthy driven desire to “upgrade” everything in our lives and there’s a viral perception equating bigger to better. Are those with C or D cup breasts more sexually appealing and romantically worthy than those with smaller breasts and A and B cups? Is this a legitimate way to measure one’s self worth, superficially sizing each other up by the size of our body parts? Are apples considered better than blueberries because they’re bigger? Of course not.

How much better off would we be if we could expand our minds and perspectives to appreciate the true beauty that’s unique to each of us! And why are we wasting our time judging books by covers, when what’s more important is quality content?

With this narrow lens that neglects to see the true unique beauty and authenticity of God’s creations as works of art, it’s easy to feel ugly, unworthy, and flawed if you don’t fit into society’s “beauty box.”

Despite how beauty is often portrayed by the popular media and how a rich and famous person’s net worth is valued, we are each individually and uniquely beautiful and worthy. As works of art with unique features, characteristics and gifts, let us remember how worthy we are as creations by God or our Higher Power who wants these attributes to be used for good.

It’s a waste of time to feel “less than.” However you may feel, the truth is that you are of more value to our Creator than gold. Whatever you look like, whatever color, shape, or size, make peace with and fully accept yourself now, into the future, and forevermore. You can be the same or you can switch up constantly like the colors of a chameleon, and you can learn to respect and love who you are, inside and out.


Focus on self-acceptance and self-care. Focus on fully and completely accepting and appreciating who you are inside and out. Write down the top three to five things you and others love – not just of your physical appearance, but who you are on the inside. What are your best features and attributes that make you uniquely beautiful?

Good news and words for the wise: If you change your mindset, you have the power to change your whole life. So, instead of running in the other direction, trying to hide, conceal, fix, primp and preen, focus on shifting your focus. Embrace, celebrate and feature what makes you YOU and uniquely beautiful. No one can put you or your beauty in a box if you don’t let them. So free your mind and be kind.

And, every time you look in the mirror, or take a picture, or just need to remember, embrace and empower yourself with self-acceptance, self-love and self-care. Breathe in deeply these beautiful, positive, healthy feelings of peace, harmony, and freedom while feeling truly loved and fully supported.

No need to feel pressured to “fix flaws” or feel trapped inside a beauty box. The beauty industry is beginning to make room for other shapes and sizes, including plus sized. Big is beautiful, too, with every cell and pore that should be valued.

Talk yourself up and out of any negative rants or slumps and bless others with this gift, too. Find contentment and satisfaction with a healthier and happier you, being true and embracing the real you!


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