Beyond Skin Deep: Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful, Inside and Out


Beauty, as they say, is in the eye of the beholder. We are all works of art, uniquely beautiful in our own right. We enjoy artistic license and expression, but there may come a point when we feel we’ve applied too much makeup, gone a bit overboard with a beauty routine, or maxed out on beauty products that are just collecting dust underneath our bathroom counters.

So, let’s reconfigure and refresh our view of ourselves as beautiful, inside and out. Beauty goes beyond the surface and is not limited to skin deep. Those who love us (fur babies included) unconditionally can overlook a crazy hair day, bad breakouts, and extra pounds.

As a fan of beauty trends and an avid make-up wearer who enjoys experimenting with different looks, I also have to remind myself that I am always beautiful in God’s eyes and should also be in my own eyes – whether piling on make-up or with none at all. However I may look on the outside, I’m still the same beautiful person inside.

I’ll admit, I sometimes panic from misplacing my red lipstick, work on concealing a sudden breakout or decide to contour my nose and cheekbones, but that doesn’t make me shallow or vain. My views on beauty are not one-sided or cookie cutter because I recognize beauty’s diverse and subjective nature. Beauty is not one-dimensional and shouldn’t be translated as solely surface-level. Our Creator loves us unconditionally and created us for a reason, with a greater purpose. He doesn’t stereotype our beauty.

“The Lord does not see as mortals see; they look on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart.” 1 Samuel 16:7

There are many forms of beauty. You can keep flipping through fashion mags, get makeovers, and wear your fav lipstick, but always remember how beautiful, worthy, and important you are on the inside, too. Here are some helpful ideas on staying beautiful, inside and out.


Want to achieve a radiant inner glow? Cultivate and share love, positivity, happiness, and celebrate what makes you unique. Get in touch with your true feelings and write down your innermost thoughts, feelings, and reflections. What makes you tick? What are you passionate about? And, whether right – or left–brained, tap into your creative side.

Have a heart to help? Dedicate time to helping, whether volunteering, mentoring, or supporting a good cause. Rewards may not be monetary or the benefits tangible, but the good you do can come back to you. Feel good about benefitting others and contributing to a better world.


Value what’s on the inside as a priority, and don’t sweat the small stuff. No need to panic about a pimple, struggle with static-spawned frizzies of a bad hair day or undereye bags that can’t be concealed. Those who truly love you aren’t going to disown you because of beauty blunders and neither should you. Don’t look down on yourself or anyone else because of their outward appearance, and there’s no need to be insecure about going out bare-faced.

Most of the images we see in mags of celebrities credit their make-up artists and stylists just as much as they credit their photographers. Rarely will you catch a celeb without professionally applied make-up unless you’re thumbing through paparazzi pictures in celebrity magazines. But don’t let those standards deter you from going sans make-up from time to time. Learn to accept the most natural you, too, and accept what society views as the flaws that make us unique.

There’s a lot more to our beauty than meets the eye. Be your own kind of beautiful and love yourself and others. You are beautiful inside and out and are one-of-a-kind, no matter what you look or feel like. The more comfortable you are in your skin, the better. Allow yourself the freedom to just be! Remember, you’re always beautiful!


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