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As we’re diving into a new year – finally! – it’s the best time to try something outside your comfort zone: a new career path, a new hobby, or a new “bucket list” item you’ve been pondering for a long time.

You’ve heard about MasterClass – that enormously popular e-learning platform – and wondered if it’s for you. All signs (and reviews!) point to yes, so we’ve gathered the top reasons you should really give taking a MasterClass some thought. It’s never too late to learn something amazing!

The thrill of learning a new skill is contagious, as MasterClass has grown in popularity each year since its inception in 2014, and even more so during this past year’s quarantine. Even though courses are virtual, the videos are created so well, and with such high production value, you feel a real connection to the expert. Classes last from two to five hours and also include additional videos to be watched at any time, a class workbook that can be downloaded as a PDF file, and access to an online community of fellow students known as The Hub.

Plus, you’ll love the MasterClass app to keep up even when you’re traveling, and the option to start with one class via Single Class and see it through from start to finish, or browse different classes with an All-Access Pass, which allows you to sample all the courses on the site and start or stop a class at any time. From expert instruction and real-life inspiration on home and lifestyle, food, arts and entertainment, business, writing, sports and gaming, design, wellness, music, community and government, science and tech, there’s surely at least one (or three or four!) topics to pique your interest!

As a first-hand review, one of our own Forsyth Mags team members decided to treat herself to a MasterClass subscription for Christmas last year, focused mostly on cooking classes, and praised the production quality of the filming, the manageable size of most clips (none longer than 30 minutes and some as short as 10 minutes), and offered kudos to both the app and website, which proved easy to navigate.

MasterClass at a Glance

  • Wide range of topics. Creative types are naturally drawn to MasterClass, and the class list is frequently updated with fresh topics and ideas. If you’re a budding chef or a hopeful interior designer, MasterClass has you covered. Maybe your ambitions run towards screenwriting or sharpening your acting skills. Remember, you are learning from the best!
  • World’s most influential instructors. You’ll see right away that every MasterClass instructor is well-known in their particular field of expertise, but that each one naturally has a unique style of teaching and motivating. One of the best elements of MasterClass learning is hearing first-hand from true experts about both their successes in the field, but also their failures and life lessons learned. While you don’t experience one-on-one time with celebrity instructors, most structure their classes to be as personable as possible.
  • Learn at your own pace!Watch the videos, put what you’re learning to use with an in-depth class workbook, and ask questions in your own time. Instructors typically share links to additional resources on their topic as well, which provide you with real-life learning tools from others in the profession. With over 90 classes available, the possibilities are endless! Some of the most notable options: An acting class with Samuel L. Jackson, one of today’s most popular screen stars, cooking classes with internationally renowned chef Gordon Ramsay, and a class on the finer points of fashion design with American designer Marc Jacobs.

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