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Leslie Speas is a local author who has written two books – Confessions of a Hot Mess: From Mess to MESSage and From Hot Mess to God’s Best. She shares her “hot mess” through her books and blog to help others with theirs. Leslie has had a long career as a Human Resources leader working in the manufacturing, healthcare, service, and technology industries. She is currently Managing Partner of InfluencHeR Consulting, an HR and Organizational Development Consulting Firm based in Winston-Salem. You can follow Leslie on her “hot mess” website – www.lesliespeas.com. – or her business website www.influencherconsulting.com

Practicing Self-Control

Self-control involves delaying an impulse or gratification for a greater purpose or cause. When we exercise self-control, we are saying “no” for the sake of

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Growth as a Mindset

When you think of a successful, smart and talented person, who comes to mind? Maybe someone like Thomas Edison, an American inventor credited with inventing

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The Traits of a Great Leader

Leadership involves influencing, supporting, inspiring, and creating opportunities for others. It is an important skill for all of us to cultivate, regardless of our role

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Finding Your Purpose

Have you ever wondered about your purpose in life? You aren’t alone as only around 25% of American adults say they have a clear sense

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Overthink Much?

Do you tend to overthink things? Consider what you should have said or done? Relive discussions or circumstances? Analyze mistakes in great detail? Get consumed

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