Keith O’Neill

Keith O’Neill Ph.D., C.Ht is a Father, Author, Psychotherapist/Hypnotherapist and Public Speaker. Survivor of a life-threatening head injury, he had to learn to walk and talk all over again. He became fascinated with, and an ardent student of the incredible power of the mind. Keith is a nationally respected speaker. His interactive presentations are well received by all companies, associations and groups. His clients include Bank of America, MTV, Marriott Hotels and Black and Decker to name a few. Keith’s career path gave him the opportunity to share his insights as the host of Choices in Wellness, a call-in, radio talk show, on WIBQ, Sarasota, Florida. He also was a regular guest on the nationally syndicated radio show, It’s All About Health, and frequently was asked to appear on the TV show KNBC Daytime, in Tampa. He is the CEO of Full Esteem Ahead, Inc. and creator of the animated “S-Team® Kids.” He is the author of numerous articles on self-esteem and the book “Raising An S-Team® Kid, The Manual That Didn’t Come With Your Child,” a guide to help parents help their children build healthy self-esteem.  Contact

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