Aron Daniels

Aron Daniels has been designing with Forsyth Magazines since 2016. He loves the wide variety of content creation between the various articles and ads, as well as the tone differences between the various publications. He is very people-driven, and it is a huge passion of his to design in a way that represents people well in the community. His biggest goal in the design world is to make a space for people to pick up a magazine and really feel like they belong and can really become invested in what they are holding. Aron is married with two boys and is a giant geek in so many ways. He is excited about reading, running, photography, horror movies, and having pizzas and beers with quality people. Aron states, “it has been a huge honor to have been involved with the amazing mission that Forsyth Magazines has been leading over the years and it makes my day every time I finally get to see that new issue in-hand.”

Dad, Dad, Dad, DAD!

The microwave beeps. I hear one kid asking me to check him in the bathroom to make sure he is clean, while the other kid

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Easy Vegan

BY ARON DANIELS Some life changes come at really big moments. You get that phone call from a family member, you get that promotion finally,

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