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Central to the personal calling of every professional at Aeracura Salon in Reynolda Village and Aeracura Salon & Spa in Clemmons is the magical presence of the beauty in all of us. Nothing but the brightest light – and nature’s warmth – shines at each location, mirroring the meaning of the name, Aeracura.

Thought to be the Celtic or Germanic goddess dedicated to protecting Earth’s flowers and plants, Aeracura was also a muse to artists – which couldn’t be more appropriate for the stylists who bring both salon locations to vibrant life! Natural light billows through huge windows, and the original Winston-Salem location looks out over the lovely Reynolda Gardens. 

Each Aeracura escape offers the perfect setting to focus on YOU! With the first site opened in 2015, and the newest in early 2020, both are the most luxurious Aveda salons in the area and share Aveda’s dedication to environmental responsibility. Nothing but the well-being of animals, people and the planet guide ingredient selection and sourcing at Aveda; and in-house curated aromas are layered and matched to the product to create an honest mind-body connection.

Inspiration is the absolute heart of Aeracura Salon, and Owner and Master Stylist Christi Bradham shares her new year tradition of refocusing on the day-to-day operations of the salons, while reinvigorating her own mindset.

“It’s usually the people I work most closely with that I find inspiration from,” said Christi. “Those are the ones I grow ideas with as we each flourish from inspiring one another – and there are constant new opportunities to share that with our clients!”

Learning Together

Both salon teams will expand their techniques in the new year with extensive continuing education.

“Our teams will learn from some of the best North American and Global artists in the country through our continuing Aveda education programs this year,” Christi explains. “I think this is what sets us apart from other salons. We have a true dedication to learning – whether it’s from our small, monthly, in-salon classes or larger classes that the Aveda institutes offer. Trends change from season to season, so it’s imperative to stay on our toes!”

Christi is meticulous about the technique she sees from the salons’ hairstylists. 

“This isn’t simply hairstyling to me,” she adds. “It’s about paying attention to the details, caring about your clients and being an artist in your own right. I have to see craftsmanship and quality consistently. Every hairstylist who works solely behind the chair has at least two years of experience, and if I hire someone right out of school – or a stylist who has been working less than two years behind the chair – they will first work beside me or other master stylists in our assistant program.”

Being an assistant means being completely immersed in following the master stylists, including understanding the commitment Aeracura has to its guests, and how to care for their needs from start to finish at each appointment.

“Our master stylists become the teachers, and every moment becomes a lesson for our assistants,” says Christi, who beams with pride when each “assistant” completes a level of the Aeracura system. “I love when their efficiency takes them from junior to senior level and then to master level. To reach the master level takes a minimum of five years, continued education, building an artistic repertoire and a commitment to supporting each other as a team. I have literally watched all our master stylists grow into experts,” says Christi. “They show confidence, patience and a true love of being creative as a hairstylist.”

Reimagining Wellness

Aeracura Salons also recently introduced a wonderful new addition to their Clemmons spa location – Camille Padilla, LMBT – who has helped reimagine spa and luxury services for both locations. 

“Camille has 25 years experience in our industry and is a licensed massage therapist, Esthetician and natural nail specialist,” shares Christi. “As a certified Holistic Esthetician, her focus on total relaxation of the mind, body and spirit is completely integrated with our mission. Client care is customized for the individual, and each massage and facial service is skillfully enhanced with Aveda’s formulation of pure plant and flower essences, and rich botanical oils.”

Camille notes her approach to skincare and massage takes the essence of the whole person into consideration!

“In other words, your stress, lifestyle and specific concerns are all important,” she adds. “Treatments can be for therapeutic purposes or simply for deep relaxation. There will always be a consultation to find out what specific treatment you need as an individual. My extensive education has trained me to correctly address your skin’s needs with holistic tools, products and treatments, as well as determining when your skin needs certain products and facials.”

As you assemble your own improved self-care routine for 2024, remember this! Spa services tend to be seen as a luxury when, in fact, they are part of whole-body wellness. Taking time out to make a salon appointment and then deeply savoring the experience can help you recenter yourself and lower stress levels. The Aeracura team also offers recommendations for follow-up care at home.

Camille suggests the Moment of Wellness package as a starting point for new guests.

“The Moment of Wellness package is a wonderful way to get started in massage and facials, or if you’re looking to get back into a self-care maintenance routine,” she shares. “It’s a 30-minute massage and a 30-minute facial focus that allows you to get to know me, and for me to get to know your needs.”

The three-and-a-half hour Balance and Restore package is another total mind/body experience that includes a one-hour facial, a one-hour massage and a one-hour spa pedicure. This tempting package also includes lunch – creating a time of complete and total relaxation.

Along with Camille’s full menu of services offered singularly – both packages are perfect ideas for Valentine’s Day!

Visit Aeracura Salon located at 101A Reynolda Village in Winston-Salem, 336.448.0792, or Aeracura Salon & Spa located at 6265 Town Center Drive in Clemmons, 336.448.2044. Follow them online at, and on Instagram @aeracurasalon. Salon hours at both locations are Tuesday through Friday 10:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m, and Saturday 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.


Aeracura stylists share their reasons for loving what they do!

“I’m so grateful to work at a place that’s so amazing and to be able to work with people I genuinely love. I wouldn’t trade it in a million years.” 

~ Krista Crafton, Master Stylist, Reynolda


“It’s a blessing to work where I can come every day, and enjoy what I do with so much creative freedom. I can relax along with my guests in a fun, peaceful environment and be around people I dearly love who are true inspirations to me.”

~ Rebecca  Oliver, Master Stylist, Reynolda 


“My passion is to make my clients feel beautiful.”

~ Clara Myers, Lead Manager and Hairstylist, Clemmons


“Our beautiful team is a mix of personalities, styles and backgrounds, yet we all come together for the common goal of making clients feel good about themselves and always making their day!

~ Maddie Marrs, Master Stylist & Colorist, Reynolda 


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