A ReDesign of a Different Kind

“Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.”     –Jim Rohn

For the past 15 years, Ava Lewandowski’s monthly decorating column has been one of the most popular in Forsyth Woman.  But Ava is looking to lessen her load a bit and, while ReDesigns by Ava – her business and her column – are still available, you may notice that Ava is doing a little less writing. You will still find her in our pages, though just on a quarterly basis – and you can always see back issues on our website, if you can’t remember how high to hang that new painting.

Looking Back

“The goal of my company is to help people create a beautiful home where they can come to be loved, refreshed, and encouraged.”                          –Ava Lewandowski

Below is a compilation of some of our favorite ideas featured in Forsyth Woman over the last year by Ava. To read more from these articles be sure to visit her column at forsythwoman.com/category/home/redesigns-by-ava

May 2022—Create a Happy Place

“Clear the clutter.  Doesn’t cost money; only a little work on your part can make a huge difference in the way your home is presented.”

“Purchase only things that you really love; not just something to fill a space or just because it’s a good deal.”

February 2022—Add Love to Your Decorating

“As a decorator, I can help you choose the perfect chair, sofa, art, and accessories, but I cannot buy that special uniqueness that family treasures can add. Those treasures help add “love” to a home because they help tell the story of the family that lives there. I love a home that tells a story!”

January 2022—Try Breaking a few Decorating Rules

“Artwork that will be viewed while standing, like in a hallway, should be hung approximately 60” from the floor to the middle of the height of the picture. Artwork hung in a room where people will almost always be seated should be 56”to 57” from the middle of the height of the picture to the floor. Adjust accordingly but this is the average and should be comfortable for most people.”

August 2021—Stretching Your Decorating Budget

“Decorating my own home is a process and I try to make informed decisions that will be the best value for my money. After I have made a decorating plan, I shop local stores and online to get an idea of how much items cost. This helps me to not only plan my budget but also to know where the best prices are. I do the same for my clients.”

Thank you, Ava, and we look forward to your continued input to Forsyth Woman!


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