3 Things to Do In Advanced to Thrive During the Holiday Season as a Small Business Owner

That’s right; we are talking about the holidays! It may only be October but ask yourself one question: Do you want your sales this holiday season singing to the tune of Silent Night?

I didn’t think so. 

You want it to be jamming out to Jingle Bell Rock and seeing dollar signs, am I right?

I don’t have to tell you that the holidays are the busiest time of year with the biggest bang for your buck! Basically, your small business has the very real potential to make its largest pay off once that calendar rolls past October 31st. So how do you prepare for this huge increase in customers and inventory? Especially when you have your own personal holiday needs for you and your family?

Here are three simple steps to ensuring you spend this holiday season thriving in your small business!

Get Organized

The last few months of the year are jam-packed with things to do and places to be. If your business participates in any holiday events such as local festivals, markets, or charity events, get those on the calendar as soon as possible. Once you make your commitments, you can plan out your promotions and sales to align with the added customer traffic and inquiries you may get from participating in those events. Try to think about the prep time involved in preparing for each event or special promotion as well – time is money! Taking time to get in front of your calendar and plan out your holiday schedule for your business will allow you to eliminate as many “surprises” as possible when making your personal holiday plans with family and friends!

Find Support

More than 60% of shop owners’ total yearly earnings are made during the holiday season. Even service-based businesses tend to have higher demand during this time of year! The closer we get to the end of December, it’s as if the entire world appears with their credit cards in hand ready to swipe! Of course, you want to be ready to welcome them with open arms, and it’s important to understand you can’t do everything by yourself! Free yourself up a little by hiring on a few seasonal staff members or an intern to help with your shop or marketing. Maybe ask a trusted friend or family member to help support you during events or big sale days. Having support in place ahead of time will help you feel at ease as sales pick up and your needs increase.

Set Boundaries

The work-life balance is often defined very differently for small business owners. It can seem nearly impossible at times to separate church and state! During the holidays there will almost always be those moments where you feel like the Grinch simply because you can’t be everywhere at once and so many things are calling your name. I give you permission right here and right now to set boundaries! Don’t wait until you are swamped with places to be and people to see in December to set these up. Really think about what enjoying your holiday season would look like and put up some guardrails to avoid getting in the way of that. For instance, if you want Sundays to be home with your family doing fun things, then promise yourself now that you will put systems in place to avoid working on Sundays. If you can only commit to one or two get-togethers without feeling overwhelmed, remind yourself to say no to that third or fourth that comes your way!

Now, Get Excited

While we may talk about the hustle and bustle the next few months bring, it’s important to remember that the holidays are nothing but opportunity! So, get excited! This is your biggest chance to make a good impression on new customers or clients and show them they can count on you all year long! Put some time into thinking ahead now to ensure you are thriving this holiday season and you won’t regret it.




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