Delegation: Make it Happen

Delegation is one of the hardest things in leadership and management. It’s also a key to success: you cannot do it all, no matter who you are, what it is, or what your goals are. When leadership moments call for delegation, or when you’re ready to start leveling up your skills, here are a few […]

Six Holiday Stress Busters

When you hear the word “stress,” do you automatically associate it with something negative? Many people are surprised to learn that both negative and positive experiences produce stress. Stress is just a response to change, whether the change is good or bad, welcome or unwelcome. Every life situation that requires us to change or adapt […]

Get a Hobby

I bet you are busy. I bet you are so busy, you read this title and said, “I don’t have time for a hobby,” or “I don’t need a hobby,” or “Even if I had time what would I do?” I am here to tell you that you should stop thinking that you are too […]

When Christmas Traditions Grow Up

My oldest son has been living out-of-state for several years now and has always managed to get home a few days at Christmas. Last year the planets didn’t align for more than a 48-hour visit to our hometown, and the opportunity arose for us to begin a new family tradition. Sprinkled with all the “little […]

Giving Back & Giving Hope

Earlier this spring, Winston-Salem State University had a huge win! They were one of two HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) selected by a panel of judges to each receive a $100,000 American Heart Association (AHA) grant as part of the AHA’s first-ever EmPOWERED to Serve Urban Health Accelerator. This WSSU’s student-led project takes aim […]

Accent Prone: A room makeover filled with hope!

There’s never a shortage of creativity and love at Accent Prone, but in completing the company’s latest makeover project, Cheri and Justin Lingafelt found it difficult to put into words the pure joy this particular endeavor brought the entire Accent Prone team. “When you’re able to combine your passion and career with the ability to […]

Through the Decades: A Look at the First 19 Years of the 21st Century

Remember New Year’s Eve, 1999? People were celebrating the turn of a new century, another decade, and millennium. For some people, they were also looking at the unknown of what could happen going into the 21st century. Now, 19 years later, a great deal has happened, some good, some bad, but all memorable. Before we […]

Christmas in the Military

A feeling of sympathy goes towards the guardians of the community, who willingly work on significant holidays, especially Christmas. There are occasions that a colleague will offer to accept a shift or trade to help EMS, doctors and nurses, and police officer dads and moms celebrate the special day with children. The exception goes to […]

13 Ways to Protect Your Dog in Winter

Let’s talk temperature! Some dog breeds are blessed with thick fur that keeps them warm naturally, even in very cold temperatures, but dogs with thin coats may need to wear a sweater or coat when out for winter walks. A good coat should reach from the neck to the base of the tail and also […]

Anxiety Ghosting: No, I’m Not A Flake

A few days ago, my friend posted something on Facebook that shook me to my core. It was titled “Why People With Anxiety ACTUALLY Cancel Plans Last Minute,” and I have never felt more seen. Reasons like “They’re too exhausted to face the world and pretend to be ‘okay’” to “They’re struggling and don’t want […]

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