Rave Beauty Skincare to Bring Out the Best in You!

Many little girls grow up playing with their mother’s makeup, wearing her jewelry, painting nails, and scooting around the house in high heels that are a few years from fitting. It’s a pretty clear picture of a young girl’s past, but for Janine Berard, it became the foundation of her love of all things beauty […]

Lyndhurst Gynecologic Associates: Caring for women for a lifetime

Turning 50 years old in 2020, Lyndhurst Gynecologic Associates first opened its doors in 1970 and has served women in the Winston-Salem and surrounding area well by sharing ideas and resources among its physicians and focusing on continued education in new and advanced methods for changing women’s lives. Consider the term “woman care,” and you’ll […]

ReDESIGNS by Ava: Refresh Your Home for the New Year

As much as I like decorating for fall and Christmas, it always feels good to get our home back in order after the holidays. Hopefully, you have packed and stored away all your seasonal decorating items until next year, but like me, you may feel your house looks stark and uninviting. Once all the holiday […]

Design your Future at Salemtowne

Salemtowne is a next-generation community for older adults who want to live life to the fullest through lifestyle choices and purposeful living. “I’ve never known anyone who lives at Salemtowne who didn’t love it,” said Jim Stokes, reflecting on his decision to move to Salemtowne with his wife Carolyn. The Stokes, as well as many […]

To Your Health: Oops, I Did It Again

The holidays have come and gone but one thing that didn’t go out with the old year was the weight gained over the holidays. Before you get too down on yourself, let’s look at some actual facts regarding weight gain and the holiday season. The estimate of how much the average person gains over the […]

Marzano: Back to Basics 101

BY JON MARZANO, Managing Principal It was not a kind year for investors in 2018. Stocks have fluctuated wildly, bonds have not delivered the returns we have been used to, and there is no shortage of headlines that will keep us guessing and worrying about the next “shoe” to drop. There is enough empirical evidence […]

Our Wig Boutique Compassion, Experience and Style

BY ADELE CASANOVA Our Wig Boutique owners Denise Grantham and her daughter Billie Jo Woolard are celebrating their second anniversary as owners of the fashionable and popular wig boutique. Between them, Denise and Billie Jo have over 40 years of experience helping clients choose just the right look. Denise took over ownership of the wig […]

Love of the Fireplace: Omens and Blessing

A dancing fire is mesmerizing. How often have your eyes focused on the bright glow rising from a candle, a bonfire or campfire, or within the fireplace? For the love of the fire, the sound of crackling, the surprise burst of sparks, and the need to see the flames have positive effects on the body.  Gazing at […]

Dear June: New Year Beginnings

January is the month that you are trying to get over the past year and start a new year.   For me, it is planning all the changes for June DeLugas Interiors’ retail brick and mortar store and what are we going to do that is awe-inspiring for our customers, clients, and retail shoppers.  January is […]

The View: January 2019

I don’t know about you, but doesn’t it feel like we were JUST here? We just finished ringing in the new year for 2018, and yet – somehow it seems we’ve come full circle and we nd ourselves ushering in a brand new year already. It has been a crazy year, full of ups and […]

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