Waffle Irons: What Else Can They Do?

Do you have a waffle iron hidden away in some dark corner of your kitchen cabinet?  Perhaps it was a wedding gift or from someone you care about, so you keep it for sentimental reasons.  Well, good news!  That waffle iron is not the one hit wonder you thought it was.  No, indeed!  There are lots of foods that you can cook with it.  So, drag it out and make it work for its own counter space in your kitchen.

Basically, think of your waffle iron as a dressed-up grill.  Since waffle irons cook on both sides (like the George Foreman grills), you can cut your cooking time.  A win-win for busy people.  Plus, the foods prepared on them look like you did something special to have them turn out that way.

To get you started, here are a few suggestions . . .

Waffle Brownies:  Just add an extra egg to the batter and make your own waffle brownies.  Serve them alone, top with your favorite ice cream and sauce, or spread some ice cream in between them to make your own ice cream sandwiches.  Make a batch of ice cream sandwiches ahead of time, to bring out later for afternoon snacks.

Pizza:  This one takes a little more attention.  Heat the waffle iron, then spread on the pizza dough (homemade or purchased) and close the lid.  Let cook two to three minutes, flip and cook an additional two minutes, depending on how you like your pizza crust.  Lift the lid and add pizza sauce, cheese, and whatever toppings make your pizza special. Slightly close the lid and monitor until the cheese is melted.

Tater Tot Hash Browns:  Thaw out the tater tots.  Place onto the preheated waffle iron.  Press down. Check for the level of crispness you prefer.  Voilà – hash browns ready for breakfast or brunch.

Bacon:  By cooking bacon on a waffle iron, splattering is minimized.  Monitor closely for the crispness desired, remove, enjoy.

Cornbread:  What’s better than a pot of pinto beans covered with freshly chopped onions and a slab of cornbread?  Just makes you hungry, doesn’t it?  Mix the cornbread batter per directions and cook using your waffle iron.

For a special meal on a crisp fall night, put a slab of cornbread in the bottom of a bowl and add your favorite homemade chili.  Yum is the word.

What are some other ideas to try?

  • Grilled cheese sandwiches. Jazz them up with a slice of tomato or avocado.
  • Fried apples
  • Fritters
  • French toast with a side of syrup for dipping

Find more recipes on the Internet or just use your imagination.  Pretty much any bread-based recipe can be made with a waffle iron. If you have a newer model, cleanup is much easier than the older versions that had to be scraped to get the crumbs out.

Now, aren’t you glad you didn’t get rid of your waffle iron?  Finding a new use for something can be fun.  Let the kids try their hand at cooking with it.  Anything that sparks an interest in learning to cook is a good idea. Besides, it’s not just for waffles anymore!

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