The View: March 2019

Dear Readers,

What. A. Month.  There aren’t words to adequately convey all my family and I have gone through and the incredible tidal wave of love we’ve experienced.

On Monday, January 21st, my husband, Tim, collapsed from a stroke.  It was the most terrifying experience of my life.  An average, normal Monday evening with my husband and father — interrupted in one shattering moment.  Thankfully, we’ve run enough articles on heart health over the years that I knew exactly what was happening and was able to call 911.  That call began a flurry of activity that involved the kindest, most compassionate team of medical professionals, working together to save my husband’s life.  From the EMTs, hospital staff, helicopter transport team — God was working through all of them and I am beyond grateful.

As you may remember, I was diagnosed with breast cancer in November (Breast Cancer 2.0, as we’re calling it since this is my second round).  Between dealing with that, a busy workload, and my husband’s active lifestyle and commitment to eating healthy — a stroke simply didn’t factor into the picture.  But God has a way of slowing us down.  And sometimes our worst moments can allow the best moments to come from other people.

Between our family, friends, and church family — we were overwhelmed with prayers, love, and casseroles.  We have been blessed beyond measure during this experience and are so grateful for the cards, texts, phone calls, messages, etc.

Our family wasn’t alone, though — dear friends of ours, Cathy and Eric, who we’ve known for over 30 years, were in the same intensive care unit because Eric had a subarachnoid hemorrhage.  Not only did we live in close proximity during our days at the ICU, but they ended up being our neighbors when Tim was transferred to a rehab facility.

Cathy and I are both so happy to have a second chance with our husbands, and though we wouldn’t wish these circumstances on anyone, I was glad to have a good friend to lean on and who I could support during this time.  We definitely knew how to pray for one another, and God has been good to both of our families.  I have witnessed it first hand — God is good.  All the time.

I would ask for you to continue to pray for us in the weeks ahead as Tim (who is back home, praise the Lord!) continues to heal, and as I begin radiation treatments.  And again, I am so grateful to our friends and family for all their support!  Our kids, Brooke and Tanner, have been so supportive, helping us out in too many ways to count!

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