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One of the most common complaints of patients are elevated bumps along the eyelid. If the bump on the eyelid becomes painful, red and swollen, a doctor consult is imperative. There are three common eyelid bumps that can occur.

Types of Eyelid Bumps

Styes: The most common eyelid bump is styes. They form when bacteria enter the eyelids’ oil glands. These red bumps grow very close to the eyelashes and can also cause soreness and pain. These bumps can cause your eye to water or itch and become sensitive to light. It usually takes a few days for the actual stye to form.

Chalazions: They are tissue pockets that are filled with liquid. They appear when your eyelids’ oil-producing glands are blocked. They are usually found a little higher up on the eyelid as compared to styes. These bumps do not hurt as much. However, if left untreated, they can become very red, swollen and painful causing a huge amount of discomfort.

Xanthelasma: This is a harmless yellow bump that occurs when fat accumulates under your skin. Older adults tend to be more susceptible to these bumps which can be the result of a high cholesterol level.

Main Causes 

When bacteria makes its way to your oil glands, it leads to an inflamed stye. The common bacteria associated with styes is known as staphylococcus. This condition is responsible for the inflammation of eyelash follicles. Styes that do not drain easily often leads to the formation of chalazia.

Hot Compress – An Effective Treatment to Get Rid of Eyelid Bumps

One of the best and most effective home remedies for an eyelid bump is to apply a hot compress to the area for close to 10-15 minutes, at least two to three times daily. This practice will help improve circulation to the area and allow the rupture and drainage of the pimple. Warning: Try not to squeeze the pimple or pop it with a needle in order to drain it. Rupturing the bump could lead to an even worse infection. The action could introduce bacteria from your skin to the bump.

Contact lenses should be avoided as it could cause irritation and pain. Switch to glasses until the pain subsides or the bump drains.

When Should You See a Doctor?

Most bumps or pimples that form on the eyelid are harmless or mild. However, some of them could have been caused by a serious medical condition. If your vision is compromised, you will have to make an appointment with a doctor immediately. If your eyes water or hurt in low lighting, you will have to seek medical attention. If not treated, the bumps could lead to an infection.

Ways to Prevent Bumps from Forming on Eyelid

You can avoid pimples forming on your eyelid by maintaining basic hygiene.

  • Wash your hands regularly to prevent the formation of styes.
  • Avoid touching your eyes unless your hands have been washed with warm, soapy water.
  • You can prevent the formation of chalazia by washing your eyelids once daily if you have blepharitis. If you feel a bump coming on, make sure you undertake a hot water compress to prevent growth. Taking early measures will prevent eyelid bumps.
  • Keep a check on your cholesterol levels by opting for healthy food. Exercising and controlling your weight will prevent the formation of xanthelasma.

Summit Eye Care treats these types of lid problems on a daily basis. Call 336.765.0960 if you have this eye care need or others.


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