Spring into Spring with a Spring-Inspired Playlist 


Celebrate this special season of growth with music you find motivating and moving as you usher  in spring. What inspires you most about spring? Is it the warm breezes and warm weather,  beautifully blooming flowers with birds singing and bees buzzing, or simply the fresh start that  accompanies a fresh, new season? 

Whatever your motivation, delve deep into the realm of music and integrate the spirit of spring  on your set list. Enrich your lifestyle and enhance your life – turn up that volume and get set to  celebrate spring! Want to add some extra pep in your step this spring? Open your ears, mind, and  heart to experience songs that reflect and celebrate the beauty of spring and blossoming love – a  time of fresh beginnings, new growth, vibrant vitality, renewal, and reawakening. 

Start by soothing your senses and soul, whether at the spa, at home or work, or on the go with  these classical and new age songs. They melodically and artistically convey beauty, harmony,  and emotionality, but did you know they can also have positive effects on your mental and  overall health? 

According to many research studies, simply listening to soothing songs like Vivaldi’s “Spring”  (from The Four Seasons) can help reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression.  


“Claire De Lune” – Claude Debussy and “Moonlight Sonata” – Beethoven 

Two classic classical piano pieces reflectively illuminate the glowing beauty and alluring  mystique of the spring moon rising after twilight. 

“Echoes in Rain,” “Orinoco Flow (Sail Away),” and “The Humming” – Enya 

Audio art that paints pictures lyrically and melodically like poetry, these new age songs by Enya  are brimming with nature-inspired imagery. Her ethereal voice floats in and out gently like the  tide and each note melts as effortlessly as the warm rains of spring that make gardens gloriously  green. 

“Sonoran Spring” – Carlos Nakai Quartet 

Envision the reemergence of the sun stretching across the horizon – a glorious golden globe  dancing across the Saguaro cactuses. Picture the dramatic entrance of a sunset with vibrant  colors brushing across the sky like a painting as scenery fades into twilight. This eclectic  fusion tune boldly, yet harmoniously, blends diverse contemporary jazz elements backed by  percussive rhythms along with the lingering melody of Nakai’s traditional Native American  flute. 

“Spring Rain” – Ottmar Liebert + Luna Negra

An ideal romantic song to back a romantic comedy to fall in love with. Find your feet dancing  and hips swaying to this rhythmically passionate, instrumental song, playing on like a heartbeat  with 5-time Grammy award nominee, German guitarist’s Ottmar Liebert’s signature Spanish  flair. 

“Spring Vacation” – The Beach Boys 

Whether you’re surfing in the USA, partying in the USA (thanks to Miley Cyrus), or sun-bathing  on the warm sand, you can’t go wrong with this classic beach-themed song (and many more  golden oldies by The Beach Boys). 

“Spring Love”-  Stevie B

Stevie B’s first top ten hit on the dance charts is not just a club classic you’ll want to move and  groove to, but will also get you pumped in your cardio workout. Spring into spring-spired  workout or spring-cleaning mode, as you work up a sweat, burn some calories, and get into shape! 

“Not Blinded by Chemistry” – Susan BoYoung Bailey 

This simply sweet and soulful spring  folksy song is included on Susan’s 1st album, Landscape Changes. Somehow, it’s all moonlight,  candlelight, and sunlight of a blossoming spring day when the birds and bees are spinning in the  air and the pollen is everywhere.  

From classics like The Beatles’ “Here Comes the Sun” to more modern hits like Justin Bieber’s  “Spring Break,” these sunny spring tunes will get you embracing the warmer weather you’ve  been missing all fall and winter long with lots more sunny days ahead and on into summer. 


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