Piedmont Federal Savings Bank Introduces Small Business Account Options

A visit to the Piedmont Federal Savings Bank website (piedmontfederal.com) brings up three phrases that define Piedmont Federal’s approach to their customer relationships: Founded by Neighbors, Run by Neighbors, Helping Neighbors. Ask a Piedmont Federal customer and they’ll describe the bank they frequent as ‘their’ bank – it’s the way the staff at each branch makes their customers feel and what gives each office its neighborly atmosphere when customers walk through the doors.  That neighborly feeling is now extended to local businesses with the launch of small business account options.

Following the trend of shop local/buy local, Piedmont Federal Savings Bank has launched banking options ideal for small business owners – to bank local.  Piedmont Federal conducted several focus groups (in-person and online) to hear from local businesses about what they wanted in banking, what they needed, and what would help their businesses to thrive.  Using their headline ‘Everything You Need and None of What You Don’t,’ Piedmont Federal developed options targeting small business customers.

You may wonder what types of businesses will benefit from this new small business account initiative.

In general, businesses that will likely find these opportunities beneficial include:

  • Sole proprietorships, small firms/retailers and non-profit organizations
  • Businesses who value online and electronic service options
  • Businesses with limited cash and transaction volume

What are some of the options offered for small business accounts?

Pick up a Business Banking brochure or meet with your local branch for additional details.  Some basic information includes:

  • Checking and Savings Account Options with guidelines on which program may be best for a particular business
    • PF Business Connect provides banking essentials plus online and mobile banking services
    • PF Business Choice is for businesses with higher balances and activity levels
    • PF Community is ideally suited for non-profit organizations
    • PF Business Savings is a simple savings option to earn interest on excess cash
    • PF Business Market is a tiered account for those who desire higher interest with liquidity and flexibility
  • Debit cards with unlimited free ATM withdrawals
  • Cash management services
  • Remote Services such as mobile deposit and online banking options. For smaller businesses, going to the bank can be problematic.  With remote options, owners can make deposits and conduct banking while still being at their place of business to assist customers.
  • Ease of banking with a local resource for any questions or needs.

The Piedmont Perks Program is another way Piedmont Federal supports local businesses.

This program was developed to partner with local companies, offering discount options for customers who purchase goods or services using their personal Piedmont Federal debit cards. In turn, Piedmont Federal provides advertising and marketing materials to promote the business and discounts – a win-win for all.  For information on how to join this program, check the Piedmont Federal website or speak with your local branch staff.  Currently, there are 24 businesses taking advantage of this program.  Maybe it’s time for your business to join?

Piedmont Federal also offers small business credit cards.

Based on business needs, owners may select one of these options:

  • Small Business Visa which features no annual fee plus a competitive interest rate with savings on car rentals and travel insurance
  • Small Business Rewards Card with no annual fee, competitive interest rates and rewards program, redeemable for merchandise or travel
  • Small Business Cash Rewards Credit Card with no annual fee, competitive interest rates and 1% cash back for every net dollar spent
  • Company Rewards expense charge card featuring no annual fee, employee cards at no additional cost, plus the option to earn rewards redeemable for merchandise or travel with the balance paid in full each month

Explore your small business account options with your local branch team at Piedmont Federal.  They’re looking forward to helping you make your business thrive! Neighbors helping Neighbors! Live Local. Bank Local. At Piedmont Federal.


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