A Novel Idea: Michelle B. Hauser: From Trials to Triumph

About the Author:

Michelle is a North Carolina native who grew up in Forsyth County.  She graduated from Salem College with a bachelor’s in communications and later earned a master’s degree from Strayer University, with a focus on medical health administration.  In her leisure time, Michelle enjoys activities with her family and, as an avid baker, makes her specialty dessert, sweet potato pie, for her friends and family.

Michelle recalls writing being an important part of her growing up years; it allowed her to express thoughts not easily shared with others.  Attending college reinvigorated her interest in writing; however, after graduating, her interest waned somewhat as responsibilities and daily life took precedent. But she never lost her desire to write her life story, and now she has achieved that goal with the launch of her debut book – From Trials to Triumph.  She hopes to continue to share her story to inspire others with future publications.

Inspiration for From Trials to Triumph:

Michelle’s inspiration was to share her story in a forthright, unvarnished fashion and emphasize that with a strong faith in God, obstacles and personal trials can be overcome.  The triumph is the blessing through adversity for Michelle and the other ladies featured in this book.  By sharing, the hope is that others in similar circumstances can gain a sense of hope, grounded in faith, to strive to overcome their own struggles. “I know how I want to be treated and how I don’t want to be treated through what I’ve experienced,” explained Michelle.  “I also know what I want and don’t want in my life as a result.”  She shared that she was grateful to be able to make her peace with her mom, who passed away the week her book was published.

About From Trials to Triumph:

Realizing that struggles, circumstances, and the anger that often comes when facing insurmountable obstacles do not define a person is a life-changing moment.  The ladies sharing their life stories in From Trials to Triumph found that they were able to achieve their goals and dreams based on their faith that carried them through tough times.  Every person has their own tribulations and trials that they likely don’t share; no one really knows another person’s story.  However, through her life story in From Trials to Triumph, Michelle shows by example that survival is achievable and dreams can be met.  Read these life stories; find your own inspiration and goals that you want for yourself.  From Trials to Triumph is an eye-opening glimpse into the lives of six women who took the high road, persevered, and did not let circumstances dictate their outcome.

Where to find From Trials to Triumph:

From Trials to Triumph was published in August 2018, via Perfect Time SHP LLC and is available on demand by ordering from bit.ly/ourstoriesmichellebhauser.com.   Follow Michelle on Instagram.

Michelle will be hosting a book-signing event on Sunday, October 21, from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm at Fratellis’ Italian Steakhouse. Stop by to meet her, purchase her book, and have her personalize a copy for you.


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