A Novel Idea: Heather Bell Adams: Maranatha Road

About the Author:

Heather Bell Adams is a native of North Carolina. Originally from the Hendersonville area, she and her family now reside in Raleigh. She is a graduate of Duke University and the Duke University School of Law. She has won numerous awards for her short stories, including the 2016 James Still Fiction prize, the 2017 Carrie McCray Memorial Literacy Award, and the 2017 Emerging Author Fellowship at the Laughing Heart Literary Festival. Her work has been published in the Deep South Magazine, The Thomas Wolfe Review, Broad River Review, and many more. Maranatha Road is her first novel, released on September 1, 2017, by Vandalia Press, the creative imprint of West Virginia University Press.


The backstory of Maranatha Road is rooted in Heather Bell Adams’ childhood. The town in the book is fictional, but loosely based on her own hometown and places she visited as a child. Symbolism is an important component in Maranatha Road and becomes clearer as the tale unfolds – the gemstone Sadie keeps tucked away, Clive’s gift to her, the bridge. The characters exhibit those strong traits that folks develop to withstand hardship and push ahead in life.

About Maranatha Road:

Maranatha Road is a character study of two strong-willed women who care deeply about an important man in their life. Sadie cares and worries over Mark as only a mother can; however, Tinley loves him as a man and as one who came to her rescue and gave her a new start. Each of them has their own secrets and difficulties in life. Sadie and Clive have worked together and raised their son, Mark, and built their farm and life; however, their relationship is not the greatest. Sadie’s insecurities keep her from enjoying life and the friends and neighbors in their small community. Tinley has suffered great loss and a potentially devastating event – enter Mark, the hero. Mark is on the brink of starting a new life with his fiancé, Maddie, until he meets Tinley. Things take a dramatic turn – for everyone.

Each chapter in Maranatha Road is written from a character’s point of view and voice. Using this technique, Heather Bell Adams provides a tightly woven story of small-town life where secrets are kept close, but not necessarily unknown to others. Important decisions are needed to rebuild what was almost lost and give a fresh beginning where needed.

Where to find Maranatha Road:

Maranatha Road is available wherever books are sold. On-line orders can be placed with Amazon.com or IndieBound.org. Locally, visit the Bookmarks website (bookmarksnc.org) or the non-profit, independent bookstore located at 634 W. Fourth Street (#110).

Heather Bell Adams is one of the authors featured in Bookmarks’ 6th Annual Movable Feast later this month. This ticketed event is sold out; however, keep this event in mind when it is scheduled next. Twenty-five authors attend this event with ten rotating among the ten guest tables, speaking at each one for ten minutes. It’s quite an opportunity to hear from favorite authors or emerging authors to add to your personal library.

You can follow Heather on her website (heatherbelladams.com) or via social media (Twitter or Instagram). Check her sites for more information about her short stories, poetry, and new work in process.


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