A Novel Idea: Cameron Kent: The Sea is Silent

About the Author:

Cameron Kent is well known to most in the WXII viewing area. His retirement celebration in 2016 was a retrospect of almost 40 years in broadcast journalism. During his broadcasting career, Cameron had fourteen Emmy nominations and received an Emmy for his reporting of the 9/11 Pentagon attack. He ended his retirement party by riding off on the back of a motorcycle to new adventures.

With an inherited love of writing and literature from childhood, a career as a novelist became reality. Thus far, he has written three novels; The Sea is Silent is his fourth.

He also wrote a Christmas musical, Welcome to Virginia, which opened last November at The Theatre Alliance in Winston-Salem for seven shows and was a sold out event.

Cameron shared that he’s just completed a middle-grade focused novel, Mayor Molly, about a 14-year old who runs for mayor of a corrupt small town. The release date is yet to be announced. In addition, he has another contemporary, stand-alone novel under development.


Cameron planned The Sea is Silent around the concept of redemption. The idea of making a terrible mistake, however unintended it might be, and finding the inner courage and strength to recover and reclaim is the predominant theme. While all the players in the novel are fiction, the guys on the pier are a composition of typical fishermen – those folks who have such a love of fishing that not much can keep them away or get past them.

Sandbridge, the setting for The Sea is Silent, is one of Cameron’s favorite places to visit. The island does have a wildlife preserve at one end and there is minimal commercialism. For Seth, the disgraced journalist in the book, it’s a sanctuary in which to begin again. So he thinks.

About The Sea is Silent:

Seth MacClellan has been presented with a story he’s dreamed about – one that might earn him the award he’s saved space on his ego wall for most of his career. Still reeling from a personal loss, he latches on and runs with the story to a bitter awakening. With nowhere to go and no career left, he takes a call that leads him to Sandbridge and a chance to start over. Ever the investigative reporter, when a situation presents itself that may impact the community at large, he begins his research. Where that research takes him and the underlying intrigue provides multiple storylines that converge to an unexpected conclusion.

The Sea is Silent has an interesting cast of characters, all with their own dilemmas that shape their lives. Lyman, the fisherman, has his own reasons for always being on the pier and a bitterness that he keeps to himself. Jenna had her own life-altering encounter. Seth hides behind a new identity as he begins to heal.

The twists and turns of The Sea is Silent create a well crafted, intriguing story that will keep you focused. This is what good, clean literature is all about. How do you think the story ends? Enjoy finding out!

Where to find The Sea is Silent:

Readers can find The Sea is Silent anywhere books are sold – Barnes & Noble (in-store and online), Bright Leaf Books, Bookmarks, Amazon.com, or Plothound.com.

An E-version is available on Amazon’s Kindle as well.

Follow Cameron on his website (cameronkent.com) or via social media (Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram). Check his sites for information about future book signings, events, and updates about his new novels.



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