A Novel Idea: Anne-Marie Jennings – Not Alone on the Voyage

About the Author:

Not Alone on the Voyage is Anne-Marie Jennings’ first novel, released in August 2016.  She describes writing as ‘her one true passion.’  Writing is in her blood, whether she’s writing for newspaper publications, governmental departments, or simply for her personal enjoyment.

Originally from England, she grew up in Ottawa, Canada and now resides in the Arctic.

The setting for her debut novel is a small town in the Canadian Arctic.  Since she calls that area home as well, she is familiar with the lifestyle and what life is like in the far north.

Inspiration for Not Alone on the Voyage:

Like many writers, Anne-Marie described her novel as one that she could not get out of her head until it was written.  She has plans for future novels as well.

The personalities of her characters are well-defined.  Their hardiness and will to make a life in a harsh climate brings her readers into that environment.

AboutNot Alone on the Voyage:

Not Alone on the Voyage is a novel of loss and sorrow that evolves to survival and realization of a future.  Sandy, the lead character, has recently experienced the death of her husband, Jack.  In her state of grief she finds a journal she never knew about that documents a special summer in Jack’s life before he met her.  Hoping to find out why that summer and the town of Holman were so special to him, she travels alone to find out about the missing pieces of Jack’s life. She meets Charlie, the man who helped shape Jack from a sullen teen to the man he ultimately became and the man she fell in love with.  What she doesn’t realize is that there’s a secret that Charlie and the townspeople are keeping from her.  Waiting to share it until Charlie felt the time was right is almost Sandy’s undoing. Read Not Alone on the Voyage to discover the secret and the impact on Sandy’s perception of Jack, and how her time in Holman impacted her own future.

Where to find Not Alone on the Voyage:

Not Alone on the Voyage is available via Amazon.com or the author’s website (AnneMarieJennings.com).

You can also follow Anne-Marie on her website and her blog (AnneMarieJennings.com).



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