National Give Something Away Day: July 15, 2019

Don’t you think that as a whole, we’re a generous people?  In spite of all the negativity in the news and social media, most people do reach out a helping hand.  We donate, contribute, volunteer, or pitch-in where we can.  But, sometimes we just need a nudge to get started.  Otherwise, those good initiations become elusive and the ‘get around to it’ days end up somewhere off in the future.  So . . . . . there’s a day set aside for those situations. And, it’s coming up this month! National Give Something Away Day — mark your calendars for July 15 and do what the name says — give something away.

What can you give away? Anything someone else would appreciate or need or be unable to get for themselves.  Take a look at these suggestions and make plans to join in on that day.  You can post your activity at #givesomethingawayday if you’re so inclined.

Perhaps you see someone every day at your favorite coffee bar.  Pick up their tab and let them have a nice surprise when they get ready to head out.  Giving without any expectation of a thank you in return can be an exhilarating sensation that does as much for the giver as the one who receives.  Jean shared that during lunch several months ago, she paid for two police officers’ meals who happened to be seated nearby.  She said that she didn’t look around, just paid her and their tabs at the counter and left.  It was something she’d wanted to do for a long time, and that day was ‘the day.’ “I left feeling good and had a special day, just from being able to fulfill that goal,” Jean shared.  This may seem a lot like the well-known pay-it-forward concept that’s been around for a while, but just imagine the number of people giving something away on the same day!  Now, that’s going to be a special day indeed!

Thinking on a larger scale, what about all those things that are no longer used by anyone in the family: toys kids have outgrown, small appliances you never use, clothes no one wears, projects that never got off the ground, etc.  You get the picture.  What’s in the way for you may be something that another person/family would love to have. Toys that still work can be cleaned up and donated to a service organization or given to someone you know with kids younger than yours.  We all know that kids seldom wear out their clothes; they outgrow them so fast that some hardly get worn.  Give them away to someone else.

And, while we’re thinking about giving something away, let’s not forget those fur babies in rescue centers waiting for their forever homes.  Those towels, blankets, or pillows that are in the way would be a cozy place for them to pile up on for a nap.  Or, perhaps buy an extra bag of food and donate it to a shelter.

It’s sometimes easier to just make a monetary donation, but think about giving away some of your time volunteering someplace that touches your heart on July 15.  Perhaps a soup kitchen, food bank, rescue shelter, donation center — the list is long and varied.  You may find that volunteering enriches your life to the extent you make it a part of your regular routine.

What’s in it for you? A sense of pride that you helped make a difference.  July 15 is a designated giveaway day, but it can be any day, anywhere, and anytime.  Let’s join in and give something away on July 15!


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