Medi-Weightloss® Winston-Salem: Now Accepting Most Major Insurance

We all want to lose a few pounds…right? But when weight becomes a serious issue in your life and affects your health, it is time to get serious. Thankfully, insurance companies are starting to look at weight loss as a preventative way to help the people they insure live a healthier lifestyle and keep them from having greater health issues as a side effect. Insurance companies have taken notice of the types of weight loss plans that really work and are starting to help cover some of their costs. Medi-Weightloss®in Winston-Salem, also known as “The One That Works!®”, is a physician supervised weight loss program that is helping people learn to live a healthier lifestyle and is now accepting most major insurance carriers.*

Owner Frank Kelly was looking for a way to help people in this community. He saw that the obesity epidemic was growing and he felt there had to be a way to help people lose weight and keep it off. “I was drawn to this brand because of the effectiveness of the program. I knew that by opening a Medi-Weightloss®  in Winston-Salem, I would be able to provide a program to people in my community that would change their lives and teach them how to be healthy again.”

Medi-Weightloss®works because they have a program designed for the individual needs of each patient. The physician supervised programs are based on one-on-one weekly visits that keep the patient on track by providing nutrition education, appetite management, and fitness tips. They also offer programs tailored to fit the needs of diabetic and adolescent patients. For patients who want the guesswork taken out of their meal planning, they offer Medi-Weightloss Signature Menus®which provides a structured solution designed to simplify meal planning and weight loss. Your weight loss menu will include delicious ready-to-eat options that can be purchased in the office. They even offer a lifestyle magazine to help people achieve their goals and maintain long term success.

Since 2005, Medi-Weightloss®has helped patients nationwide lose over 6 million pounds. But it is not just about losing weight – patients have also seen improvement in many areas of their health. Industry sponsored research shows that as patients lose weight, they see improvements in cholesterol, blood pressure, and glucose levels. The research also reveals that patients on the program are losing fat, and not muscle, as they lose weight.

The best way to see how Medi-Weightloss®works is to see how it has changed someone’s life. Catherine Shelly Taylor loves to share her experience with Medi-Weightloss®. “My experience at Medi-Weightloss®has changed every aspect of my life. I naturally applied the discipline I learned at Medi-Weightloss®to other areas of my life and have seen big payouts there, too! I’ve gotten a promotion at work and am even getting my pilot’s license! The support and encouragement that I received from the Medi-Weightloss®staff was one of the most critical components to my success, and a 58 pound weight loss makes me feel VERY SUCCESSFUL.I went from a size 14 to a size 4 and feel like a new person. A friend put it best when she said, “the sparkle is back in your eyes.” I did NOT learn how to diet at Medi-Weightloss®– I learned how to LIVE (a healthy lifestyle).”

If you want more information about how Medi-Weightloss ®in Winston-Salem can help you change your life, contact them today. They are located at 3878 Oxford Station Way in Winston-Salem. You can also call their office at (336) 306-5900 or visit their website at

*Not all providers are in-network with all carriers. Not all services and products are covered. Contact your carrier for details.


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