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As we go about our daily jobs and activities, how many of us are thinking about the future?  Do we wonder about when we will retire, what life will be like at that stage, what legacy we will be able to leave our children, or if we will ever have the savings to allow us to retire?  These are real concerns for many.

At Marzano Capital Group, helping clients address those important questions today while keeping their focus on the future and living their lives to the fullest, is of paramount importance.  “We define risk management,” explained Jon Marzano, Managing Principal of Marzano Capital Group, “as not taking any more risk than necessary to achieve one’s financial goals.  We help our clients manage investment risk as part of their planning.”

As Jon shared, “Research indicates that investors are 2.5 times more likely to be concerned about financial loss than financial gain.”  Emotion plays a factor in managing risk.  As a result, those emotional reactions can impact decisions that can affect one’s long-term goals and financial peace of mind.  “Many times, clients think the best time to take on more risk is when the stock market is doing well and the investment indexes are up,” explained Jon. “However, we find the best time to buy or increase risk-oriented investments is when the market is down.”

The financial advisor team at Marzano Capital Group utilizes a visual tool known as Riskalyze to educate their clients on ways to manage risk, review investment options, and understand the impact of various decisions on their portfolio.  The first step in using Riskalyzeis completing a fairly simple, computer-generated questionnaire that requires five minutes or less.  Clients have the option to complete the questionnaire themselves or be guided through the steps by their financial advisor.  Once completed, the findings indicate what a client’s current risk score is, i.e., how much risk they are comfortable taking.  With this information, Marzano Capital Group advisors are then able to share customized options for building a client’s financial portfolio as a reflection of their individual risk tolerance.  Rather than simply listening, their client sees on the computer screen how various investment decisions could impact their finances, along with the potential long-term benefits and disadvantages.  With a 95% degree of probability over a rolling 6-month timeframe, Riskalyzetakes some of the mystery and emotion out of the financial decision equation.  “Feedback from our clients and our team have been positive.  It’s a tool we use every chance we get to help assess a client’s current and projected goals by way of the risk they are taking,” shared Jon.

One of the hallmarks at Marzano Capital Group is that each client is provided with individualized options, customized to meet their particular goals.  Recognizing that each client has their own financial picture in mind about what they hope to achieve financially, the team at Marzano Capital Group help define, build and implement a strategy that could be right for you.

For more information about their financial services, or to schedule a review of your financial portfolio, contact the team of skilled financial advisors at Marzano Capital Group at 336.766.0464 or visit their website (  Their office is located at 2625 Neudorf Road, Suite 400 (just off Old Glory Road) in Clemmons.  Their growing team of financial professionals is ready to help you work toward your personal financial goals.

Securities offered through LPL Financial, Member FINRA/SIPC, investment advice offered through Independent Advisor Alliance, a registered investment advisor. Independent Advisor Alliance and Marzano Capital Group are separate entities from LPL Financial.



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