Loving These New Beauty Looks! Get Set for Spring 2020!

Spring into spring with fresh looks that make you look and feel lovely. Why so serious? Smile, sweetie! This new season is about having fun no matter which hues you choose to accent your facial features.

Get playful and play up those peepers. Make them pop with sweet shades of citrus (lemon, lime, green and pink), mint (greens), sunrise/sunset (gold, orange, pink and red) and blue sky (white and blue). Or, mix blues and greens for aquamarine and experiment with a pretty, pleasing palette that’s uniquely you. Try rose, apricot, or peach shades of blush. And, give those lips a lift with more natural nudes or corals, pinks, and ravishing rose red for the romantic rebel. These beauty trends for spring are headed your way off the runway!


Plait your hair into two low pigtail braids or try a low bun. The shaggy wavy ‘70s look and natural afro are in. The secret to achieving the wet hair look is not using water, but hair gel to slick it back. Tired of it down? Sweep those strands up into a high bun for a just-stepped-out-of-the-pool look. Embellish your pony with a black bow or some pretty pearl bobby pins.


Be an artist and try a variety of colors on your eyelids with a pretty palette of eyeshadows. Find inspiration in nature’s most colorful creations. Collect pics of sunrises, sunsets, and rainbows and layer on different shades. You can stay simple (2+ colors) or get more complex with more colors. Try bright fluorescent colors with shades that shimmer. Create an ombre and gradient effect, like a tri-color sunrise of yellow, gold, and orange moving from the inner part of the eyelid out.


Our heads may be in the clouds as we’re busy dreamin’, so why not draw on inspiration from the sky and draw on our eyelids? Feeling fanciful? Draw some fluffy clouds on your eyelids with a white eyeliner pencil atop hot pink or sky blue eyeshadow. For the starry-eyed look, use eyelash glue to adhere tiny stars around your eyes.


Your grandmother probably had a strand of pretty pearls and maybe your mom wore them, too. You can’t beat the classics, and pearls are as classy as they are classic, in addition to being elegant and refined. Not just a necklace, though. Try sticker pearls you scrapbook with on your face or in your hair.


Retro pin-ups aren’t the only ones who wear the winged eyeliner look. Black liquid liner is back, but in contrast, so is white. Want to try something new? Go for yellow, green, or teal. If you’re not good at getting a precise point on the ends, look online for winged eyeliner tutorials. You’ll be a pro, like an MUA (make-up artist), in no time.


Bright red lips are always in and can add punch and pizazz to your whole look! Looking for a variation on a theme? Try a few shades darker in a burgundy or wine color that conveys drama, sophistication, mystery, and intrigue – as well as a dash of daring. Feeling bold? Go even darker. Go Goth. Black lips are in vogue (the magazine, too).


Give those smoky eyes some sweet sparkle with iridescent and metallic eyeshadows. Smudge on eyeliner with a kohl pencil and use black eyeshadow to accentuate the outer corners of your eyes in the crease.


What’s the first color that comes to mind when you think of blossoming spring – cherry blossoms, tulips, and roses? Shades of pink. From rosy cheeks to lips to eyes, try using the same shade of pink for a monochrome look that’s flirty and girly.

Great thing about make-up and hair is that it’s not permanent. If you want to, just start over and make adjustments. There’s no pressure to look a certain way. You call the shots on how you want to look. Exercise your imagination and experiment with your artistic license. Celebrate the beauty of spring and celebrate the beauty of you!



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