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It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  And for those who are already in the know, they know that one of the most wonderful places for holiday shopping is right in the heart of Winston-Salem – Kim Taylor & Company.

As is the case with many great things, Kim Taylor & Company has evolved quite a bit from their early days as an interior design company.  For the last 20 of their 33 years in business, they have also been a thriving gift shop, loved by customers for the pretty and unique things they bring to the Triad.

The History of Kim Taylor & Company

In 1986, Kim Taylor decided to make a business out of her love for interior design.  A student of both style and color, Kim opened her first store on Burke Street in Winston-Salem.  Eventually, she moved the store to Oakwood Street, before settling at the store’s current location on S. Stratford Road.

“We’ve been here for 20 years,” said Kim.  “It’s a great location because it’s so central to everything in Winston-Salem.  And while we didn’t plan to be a gift shop, our location has opened up that door, and it’s been a great blend of both my passion for home interiors and pretty gifts that people can use and enjoy.”

Interior Design

The foundation of Kim Taylor & Company is the home interior side of the business.  With an onsite library filled with thousands of samples, there is something for any kind of style or décor.

Kim enjoys creating interesting spaces.  “I love color,” she said.  “And mixing things up – putting together unexpected things to add depth and style to a space.”

She noted fondly that, “Interior decorating is and will remain, my first love.  It’s such a personal thing – to be invited into someone’s home to help them coordinate the place where they will create memories with their family, host friends, and special events, and live out everyday moments.”

And Kim is there to do it all.  “I can help from giving a room a makeover to starting from scratch and doing a project from the ground up,” said Kim.  “There’s no project too big or too small!

“Thanks to the support of our retail store manager (and my right arm), Diane Green, all of our interior design projects are organized, with products ordered in a timely fashion.  Diane has been a great blessing, handling logistics of the design-side, in addition to management of the retail.  Her ability to foster great relationships and keep us organized frees me up to concentrate on our clients and the creative side of the business!”

A Gift for Any Reason

While the gift shop began as a happy accident, Kim has fully embraced it.  “When I go to market, I buy things I like,” she said.  “I’m a firm believer that when you love what you sell, customers will, too!  And with our store manager, Diane, at the helm of our retail space, our gift shop has flourished.  Diane manages 3600 square feet of store inventory.  She does a tremendous job and our customers love her.

“We sell gifts for babies to grandparents, and every age in between,” said Kim.  “We also make sure our inventory includes gifts at various price points, for any occasion, and priced to fit within any budget.”

The gift categories could go on and on, but sections of the store include gifts for babies, jewelry, food, men’s gifts, bridal, pets, hostess gifts, lotions and soaps, and fashion.  Kim Taylor & Company also includes a great selection of Lily Pulitzer and Kate Spade – favorites for anyone on a gift list!

The fashion department began four years ago and has become very popular.  “Our clothing line is casual, and we choose items that are easy-wearing,” said Kim.  “We carry Gretchen Scott, Mud Pie, Barbara Gerwit, Pearly Vine, and other independent lines.  We’ve enjoyed bringing in fashion and accessories that our shoppers love!”


When you’re looking for inspiration, look no further than Kim Taylor & Company.  “I get some of my best ideas in the middle of the night,” laughed Kim.  “I’m constantly brainstorming ideas in decorating.  The inverted Christmas tree is a great example.

“We’ve been putting it up for the last 16 years, and every year around August, we start getting the question about when the tree is going up. It’s a fun addition to our store and actually helps us showcase the Christmas ornaments a bit better than a traditional Christmas tree.

“This year, we’ve also added an ornament mantle display, too, which is a great inspiration piece for those who don’t have room for a tree or simply don’t want to put up a whole tree.  Our customers have really enjoyed it.”

Kim points out that being an interior decorator has enhanced the gift store side of her business.  “With a curious eye for detail,” she noted, “I’ve really made it a point to study trends in style and embrace quality items that can be both whimsical and timeless.  Both sides of the business feed my creativity, and it makes inspiration easy to come by!”

Customer Feedback

Customers love Kim Taylor & Company!  The store is noted by customers for being the ultimate go-to for special gifts, and as one happy customer put it, the store is a “feast for the eyes… so many beautiful things!”

Kim shared, “We’ve been so fortunate throughout the years! Our customers are more like family and friends!  They have made our business what it is through their loyalty and support.

Kim Taylor & Company makes shopping an experience. Browsing through shelves of bright, colorful items and pieces that have been artfully arranged make it a worthwhile visit for any occasion!

Kim Taylor & Company is located at 153 S. Stratford Road in Winston-Salem. They are open Monday – Friday from 10 AM – 5:30 PM; Saturday from 10 AM – 3 PM; and closed on Sunday.  Call the store at 336.722.8503 or visit  Be sure to like them on Facebook and follow them on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.


Upcoming events at Kim Taylor & Company!


Thursday, December 6th

5 – 9 PM

Food, drinks, and giveaways!



Friday, December 14th

9 – 11:30 AM

Champagne brunch, games, giveaways


5 Great Reasons To Shop at Kim Taylor & Company All Year Long

  1. New Inventory! Like ALL the time!  Kim Taylor & Company gets shipments daily!
  2. Trunk Shows! Kim Taylor & Company hosts various trunk shows throughout the year! Like their Facebook page for details of upcoming special events!
  3. Fashion AND Furnishings?! Yes, please!  Every girl’s dream store!
  4. Seasonal Décor! Kim Taylor & Company offers fun and creative seasonal décor for any time of the year!
  5. 3600 Square Feet of Prettiness! Everywhere you look, there’s something pretty to admire… so much so, you may just want to take them home!



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