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About the Author:

Karen Kingsbury, #1 New York Times bestselling author, has more than 25 million copies of her bestselling novels in print.  She visited Winston-Salem several months ago, as part of the book tour for In This Momentand it was an evening to remember for her fans. After her presentation, Karen spent time with each person in line, signing books and having photos taken with them.

Originally from Fairfax, Virginia, Karen and her husband now live in Tennessee near their grown children.  With a degree in journalism, Karen started her writing career as a sports writer.  During her presentation, she shared that her first publications were true crime books; she wrote four before finding her calling.  Since that time, her faith-based, inspirational books, series and standalone novels, have gained popularity and inspired many.  Her Baxter Family series crosses all generations as the family members deal with topics and social issues of relevance to today’s society.

Karen is also an adjunct professor of writing at Liberty University.

AboutIn This Moment:

As with most of Karen Kingsbury’s novels, In This Moment deals with several plotlines that unfold in a seamless fashion.  The primary character, Wendell Quinn, is a dedicated high school principal struggling with how to get his students motivated and goal-oriented toward their futures.  He decides on a voluntary program based on faith and Bible study, although he is well aware of potential repercussions in current society.  He’s done his homework and contacts Luke Baxter for legal help when it becomes necessary.  Other sub-plots cover domestic violence, stalking, gang violence, and work/life balance – topics taken from today’s headlines.

Readers will enjoy getting to know Wendell and his family, as well as the latest goings-on from the Baxter clan, particularly Luke and his family.  Enjoy!

Where to find In This Moment:

Readers can find In This Momentanywhere books are sold (retail or on-line) or at SimonandSchuster.com.  Fans will soon have other options from which to enjoy the characters that come to life in Karen’s novels.  Some are in development stages as television series or as Hallmark films.

Follow Karen on her website (KarenKingsbury.com) or via social media (Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram).  You may also sign up to receive her newsletter.  Check her sites for information about future book signings, film and television news, events, and updates about her latest novels.



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