Home Remedies – Do They Work?

Do you remember hearing your grandparents talk about how they treated colds and all sort of medical conditions or injuries in by-gone years?  Most treatments involved roots, berries, vegetables, or herbs all mixed into some concoction you either put on as a rub or poultice, drank, soaked in, or just endured. Did those treatments work?  Some did, probably a lot of them in fact. They didn’t have the luxury of doctors practicing nearby to go see or the benefits of advanced medicines and on-going research to cure what ails us.  They worked with what they had and, based on the handed down versions of some of their treatments, they did work fairly well for some basic conditions. Today, we can call these treatments home-based, herbal, off the grid, or natural.  Many are fairly easy to put together.  With a little research, you can locate quite an arsenal of home-based recipes to try for yourself.

Here are some that have been around for a while to get you started.  Give them a try for yourself:

Sunburn or Kitchen Burns– For this one, you do need an aloe vera plant in your home; they’re hardy plants even for those with less than green thumbs.  You can get a small one at any box store or nursery in the area; they’re worth having in your home.  Cut one of the stems of the plant off and squeeze out the gel; smooth it onto the burn. The gel forms a ‘second skin’ to protect the area from air; air irritates the nerve endings and causes the associated pain.

Smelly Feet– No one wants to admit to this situation, but we’ve all had moments when we personally or a family member takes off their socks and immediately clears the room.  Even the pets leave!  On a nightly basis, soak your feet in a mixture of one part vinegar and two parts water.  Not only will it take care of the odor, but also it’ll give you a chance for some quiet time after a busy day, as well as a good transition to a relaxing evening.

Puffy Eyes – So you stayed up late, and now you’re paying for it with puffy, achy eyes.  Look in your cabinets for black teabags; this is another plan ahead need but worth it.  Dip a couple in hot water for several minutes and then put them in the fridge to cool. Apply the damp tea bags to your eyelids and rest them there for ten minutes or so.  Perhaps a power nap while the bags do their work might help, too.

Whiten Teeth– Are coffee, tea, or red wine stains dulling your teeth?  Try this – crush fresh strawberries into a pulp; add a pinch of stain-removing baking soda and water to create a paste.  Using a soft-bristle toothbrush, polish your teeth a few minutes with the paste once every three or four months.  This one requires some patience to see results, but a strawberry mixture versus other whitening options is worth a try.

Sore Throat– A salt gargle still works.  Mix one teaspoon of salt into eight ounces of water and gargle.

Nausea– If nausea is plaguing you, try eating olives.

Carsickness– Is carsickness ruining your trips? The standard over the counter pills may create a drowsy sleepiness that also affects your trip.  Try sucking a lemon instead to reduce the sensation; a strong mixture of lemon water may work as well.

Chapped Lips– To soften chapped lips, rub them with raw, organic honey.

Dry Skin– Dry skin can be a problem in cold months.   Mix two mashed bananas with a little honey to create a paste. Apply to your skin and leave on for about 20 minutes.  Wash off and feel your softer skin.

We certainly have advantages that our forefathers lacked, but some of their home remedies handed down through generations still work quite well and are worth trying.  You can research old home remedies online, but better yet, ask your relatives what they or their parents did for colds or other common ailments when they were younger.  You’ll likely learn more about your family background and get some health tips at the same time.

Source:  Pervention.com, offthegrid.com


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