Hear the Beat? The Benefits of Playing Drums

Exercise and health benefits come in many forms.  Playing the drums is one of those means.  Does that surprise you?

Playing drums can help you relax; it’s considered a stress reliever. Think about it.  You’ve had a busy day, filled with meetings, interruptions, and to-do lists that can’t possibly be completed within a regular workday. You get home frustrated and worn-out. You need some stress relief!  Go beat out a few tunes on your drums to clear your head.  Those frustrations fade away, and you get lost in the music.  Now you can relax and enjoy the evening.  You’ve not only lowered your stress level, but you’ve also given your spirit a shot of self-expression and creativity, which translates to a happier you.

Playing drums can also help with pain management.  The concentration and focus needed to play drums help to redirect attention, and act as a distraction from pain.

Playing for the joy of playing has its own rewards.  As Wayne Heidel, drummer with local bands Audio Proxy, Hawthorne Curve, and Susan B & The Deep River Band, shared, “Playing drums is fun, it’s a physical activity, and it’s an extension of my musical expression.  The cardio benefits and mental stimulation are important, but the music for me is center-stage.  I consider this talent as my spiritual gift according to my life verse, “A man’s heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps (Proverbs 16:9)”.”  With 30 plus years of drumming, playing every day and sharing his talent is part of his normal activities.

Dana Bryson, Owner of KZ Hotels & Services, has also enjoyed drumming for years.  She tracks playing the drums as part of her exercise regimen.  “I wear my Fitbit while playing, and other than scoring steps, my heart rate always increases and calories are burned. When I was in college, I wrote an essay for a physical fitness class on the health benefits of drumming. Back then, I’d play for a set length of time, stop and check my heart rate, and record my findings. I found that I could get a good ‘seated’ workout while playing the drums as long as my heart rate was up.  Playing some upbeat tunes works!”  Dana now shares her talent as part of the praise band at Clemmons First Baptist Church.  “My favorite part of playing drums is the camaraderie of playing in a band and writing or creating music. When everyone plays their part well, beautiful music can happen. Whether I’m playing familiar tunes or something I’ve written, using a God-given talent to ‘make a beautiful noise’ is what makes it so enjoyable.”

You’re never too young or too old to learn a musical instrument. Noah Hauser, age nine, has been taking drum lessons for a few months.  He shared, “I enjoy drumming because of the beats and think that drumming makes people happy!”  His mom shared that, for now, he just enjoys drumming for fun and learning new techniques to practice.

Perhaps someone has added drums to their wish list this holiday season. Now that you know the health benefits, how about it?  Maybe you should try your hand at drumming, too?  Who knows what hidden talents you might find?


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