Grumpy Grinch or Moody Scrooge Stealing Your Christmas & Holiday Spirit?

Feeling burned out and bedraggled by the bedlam of the holidays? It may be the happiest time of year for some, but it’s also easy to be a grump in a slump. Grinch aside, whatever or whoever is getting you down, or if you’re just feeling alone this time of year, hope this article helps offer you hope. Learn to lift your – and your loved ones’ – spirits, despite how depressed you might feel.

‘Tis a season for merriness and jolliness, but not everyone is feeling so bright and joyous under the surface. The commercialization of Christmas and the holidays, with ongoing family feuds, strained finances, mental illnesses and addictions, colds/flu, COVID, and harsh winter weather conditions can hamper health and happiness, but there is always hope.

It’s a festive celebration of red and green, but before you yourself turn green and morph into an incredible hulk or grumpy grinch on the verge of stealing Christmas and sending those holidays to hell, consort with creative coping and find your solace as you reclaim and improve your life. If you’re not getting green with anger and/or envy, you may be feeling blue.

Get Empowered: Jolly as Holly and Merry as a Berry as You Celebrate this Special Season

Make room for some “you” time. Listen to Sinatra singing “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” or any music that embraces your ears and soothes your soul. Turn on the Christmas lights, light some candles, and sit by the fire as you sip and savor a cuppa of something comforting. Ask yourself what you’d rather focus on and then enjoy every aspect of the process, whether it’s art therapy, music therapy, talk therapy, spa time, nap time, snack time, or whatever you feel is best.

While you’re making your Christmas list of what you want, think beyond material, physical gifts. Instead, think of your deepest desires in life that don’t fit under the Christmas tree or stuffed in a stocking. Whatever your religious or spiritual beliefs, prayer is powerful, and this is an ideal time to realize and decide what you want and then to ask, so don’t hold back from sharing what’s on your mind and in your heart. Santa may not be able to fit everything into his overladen red satchel, so whatever you don’t get this Christmas can be moved to another ongoing list.

And, good news for those with limited financial means. There are many ways to give that enable and enrich lives without requiring monetary means. You can metaphorically sow seeds of goodness in a garden that thrives, producing a harvest in any season. Ask for spiritual support to stay aligned, and focus your thoughts, words, and actions on amplifying and magnifying as much goodness as possible. Express your love for others through prayers, good vibes, a simple voicemail/phone call/message or handwritten note, video chat or in-person visit, fresh flowers or herbs, and other gifts.

Find a quiet, warm, and welcoming environment and feel at peace. Grow your gratitude and hold onto hope, reminding yourself you’re always loved, worthy, and uniquely beautiful. There’s no one else in the world just like you and you have the ability to make our world a better place. Magnify your mindfulness, one deep breath and step at a time, as you affirm and amplify what’s good, positive, and will move you forward.

Shift your focus to who and what ignite and inspire your inspiration, lift your spirits, soothe your senses, and sate your appetite. Celebrate everything that makes Christmas and holidays so special and unique. Fill your ears with your fav festive songs, enjoy beauty in the decoratively decked out, and feel good about treating yourself and your loved ones on this special occasion. Treasure every moment as you make more memories, fresh as evergreen of Christmas trees and wreaths that will linger on.

May you feel embraced and be empowered, whether you feel grumpy as a grinch or jolly as the holly and merry as old St. Nick. Experience true peace and joy of this special winter season, with the reminder of Christ’s birth in celebration of the gifts of life, along with other important holidays!


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