Goin’ Postal Clemmons: For All Your Packaging, Shipping, and more!

Goin’ Postal Clemmons

With the holidays looming on the horizon, it’s time to think about how you’re going to get everything done on your “things-to-do” list. Are you dreading all that packing and shipping to friends and family? Plus, facing the additional stress of making sure their packages arrive on time and in good shape? Mark all that off with one giant checkmark — take it all to Goin’ Postal Clemmons!

Vic and his team have the packing and shipping skillset for pretty much anything down to an art. “The choice of how to send packages and attention to detail is as important to us as it is to our customer,” Vic explained. “ We treat each customer individually and help them make the best choices on how to get packages, at the holidays or any other time, to their destinations by the fastest and most economical means possible. We ship via Federal Express, United Parcel Service, the US Postal Service, or DHL International on a daily basis. We will have the final ship dates for the holidays posted as soon as they’re available.”

Don’t be concerned about odd-sized packaging needs. Vic shared that they have packaging readily available for guitars and their cases, golf bags, baby strollers, and any other shape. If needed, they are adept at creating customized shipping containers. As good environmental citizens, whenever possible, they reuse materials and environmentally-friendly packing fillers such as air pillows.

Packing fragile items is a routine event for the Goin’ Postal Clemmons team. Double-boxing fragile items, creating an additional buffer, is common to ensure a safe delivery. “Call ahead so we can help with getting your heavy or bulky packages from your car to our counter.”

Shipping and packaging are one of the services offered by Goin’ Postal Clemmons. Yes, they do so much more!

Need a notary? There is always a notary public on-site to provide notary service. As Jean, a frequent customer shared, “The notary service, along with their copy, scan, and document shipping options certainly made it less stressful to handle legal and financial needs in one stop with people I trust. Their handling of confidential documents, ensuring that once processed, they’re immediately deleted from their server, has certainly put my mind at ease.”

Faxing services are still needed in some businesses, more frequently than most realize, and Goin’ Postal is ready with new fax equipment.

Copies? Goin’ Postal offers color as well as black and white copying. Color copies are $0.47/page; black and white, $0.10/page. To ensure the best quality copy, Vic recommends e-mailing documents as PDF files. Your copies will be ready when you stop by.

Shredding. What to do with documents you needed for a time, but are now just taking up space? Drop them off at Goin’ Postal into one of their secure, locked containers (be sure to remove binder clips). The cost is only $0.99/lb. Vic contacts a reliable shredding service when the bins are full, and they shred everything on-site.

Mailbox services. Have your mail delivered to Goin’ Postal for pick-up during their office hours, a true advantage for small business owners with home offices.

Digital mailbox service is available, as well.  Utilizing i.postal1, Goin’ Postal photographs mail and forwards to clients. Clients review the envelopes and decide how to handle each piece of mail. This service is ideally suited for those who travel extensively, domestically or internationally, but need some means of taking care of personal correspondence and bills.

Other Opportunities:

Convert VHS, 8m, super 8, or even photos to DVD. Goin’ Postal coordinates with After Image Video Productions (afterimagevideo.com), who design up to a two-hour DVD with music as appropriate.

Goin’ Postal buys textbooks at competitive prices, as well as video games, and calculators.

Miscellaneous: Goin’ Postal carries basic office supplies. Also, Leanin’ Tree cards are available; select one to include in the shipping container.

Bring the kids. The Goin’ Postal kid-sized table for play and coloring is well-used.

Vic Bragman, Priscilla, and the rest of the staff are ready to lend a hand with and make your day-to-day business needs easier to manage. Stop by Goin’ Postal in Clemmons located at 6255 Town Center Drive (next door to Mossy’s Sports Bar and Utopia Day Spa). Their hours are Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm; and Saturday, 9:00 am to 2:00 pm. Contact them by phone at 336.712.0505 or via e-mail (clemmons@goinpostal.com). Follow them on Facebook. They can also be located from the Goin’ Postal website (goinpostal.com by location).



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