Friendship Connected through the Stars

Fate, as the expression states, is written in the stars. Everyone has their own astrological story.  Beyond the date and the precise hour and minute of birth, a sun sign is the first basic understanding most enthusiasts learn about themselves. While horoscope means, “tell the time,” the intrigue may derive from understanding how the alignment of the planets and the stars at birth influence the ego, the emotions, and other aspects of feelings, desires, and characteristics.

Believing… Do You?

It always begins with a need to believe in something.  Even the slightest glimmer of interest in astrology can influence learning about the impact planets have on individual signs. The full moon can empower plants to grow at a rapid rate and planetary alignments result in severe coastal flooding. Isn’t it possible for the influence of the planets to foster a similar character trait in each person based on a specific month, day, and hour?

The Blending of Elements

Have you ever considered why some relationships are as natural as breathing while time with others can feel similar to a walk in a desert – long and exhausting?  The majority of your favorite relatives, lifelong friends, and work colleagues have a commonality about them.  A study in astrology may aid in understanding traits in friends and bring harmony to a tolerant relationship.

A study of the elements provides insight into why Fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) and Air (Libra, Aquarius, and Gemini) are compatible; yet, lack harmony with the elements of Water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) and Earth (Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo.)

Consider how the elements impact each other:

  • Fire meeting Fire results in hotter flames, which may cause burnout or light the darkness.
  • Earth meeting Earth can create a tall mountain of strength or become an earthquake when agitated.
  • Air colliding with Air offers no restriction and freedom of movement. Air may choose to be swept away by the winds of change, or quickly spin into a tornado.
  • Air can encourage Fire to burn brighter or flicker until dim. If Fire strengthens, it can eliminate all the Air in the room.
  • Water seeks a home, found within the Earth. Water can enrich the soil of Earth and encourage plants to grow.  Too much water and the Earth can transform to mud.
  • Water meeting Water allows a continual stream of inspiration, building toward an ocean. When out of control, it can bring destructive floods.

Planets Influence Sun Signs

The elemental signs are just one aspect of understanding yourself and relationships. Another layer offers how the planets influence each zodiac sign.  For instance, the planet Mars is recognized as providing the characteristics of matter-of-factness, independence and courage, and on the negative side, impulsiveness, to Aries and Scorpio.  Contrast that to the planet of Venus, which is credited with promoting communication, art, and the need to include everyone together. Mars and Venus have a different perspective, which makes their relationship a challenge.

You, too, can research how your sun sign, representative of an “ego,” connects to a planet.  For instance, a person born between July 23rdand August 22nd has a planetary connection to the Sun, explaining why Leo’s “ego” enjoys attracting attention.  Ruling planets can help astrology enthusiasts gain further understanding.

Birth Charts

Have you ever wondered why two individuals of the same zodiac sign possess different characteristics? To go even further in your study, learn how the positioning of the moon or emotional state adds to the understanding of yourself and loved ones. Creating a natal birth chart is the next step. Books can assist in explaining how astronomy, mathematics, and graphs will lead to the information you are seeking as well as how to analyze the data.

May you find answers written among the stars, moons, and planets!


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