The Fairy Godmother’s Closet

As Mr. Rogers once said, “Love is at the root of everything.  All learning.  All relationships.  Love or the lack of it.”

Did you know that Winston-Salem has its very own fairy godmother?  We do, and her name is Shelley Hundley.

“Love is the reason for The Fairy Godmother’s Closet,” Shelley explained. Shelley gathers her team together once a year to perform her own special brand of magic.  And we are all the better for it.

Shelley, known to many as The Fairy Godmother, began waving her magic wand on March 23-24 at the annual Dressing Event prior to the 2018 Joy Prom held on April 13, 2018 at Calvary Day School.  Forty-nine ladies (ages 16 and up) scheduled appointments with The Fairy Godmother to select dresses for the Joy Prom.  Ah, but it wasn’t just dresses that they got.  No indeed, the ladies were in for a spell of individualized magic, planned just for them.

Shelley and her team of volunteers, coordinated by Linda Sullivan, The Fairy Godmother’s Helper, spend much time prior to the dressing event sorting and organizing the donated dresses and all the accessories needed. Linda scheduled the 30-minute appointments for each lady asking a few key questions such as age, dress size, and most importantly, their favorite color.

Prior to the appointments, Shelley hand selected dresses for guests to try on based on the information provided when they set their appointment.  This year, sizes needed ranged from 00 to 32.  In addition to their dress, each guest visited the Accessories Room to pick just the right accessories needed to complete their look – jewelry, a wrap, and an evening bag.  Shelley also had a team of seamstresses available to make minor on-site alterations if needed.  The guests’ dresses were then steamed and bagged so they were ready to go for Joy Prom. The appointment, dress, and all the accessories were provided free of charge by The Fairy Godmother’s Closet.

Part of the magic of The Fairy Godmother’s Closet was that Shelley transforms herself into The Fairy Godmother for the guest appointments and tries to spend at least a little time with each guest individually as they try on their attire.  Shelley’s team of volunteers helps each guest try on and make their final decision on which dress they not only like, and that flatters their figure, but most importantly, which dress they feel best in.   “Everyone needs a day to see themselves as beautiful as they are,” explained Shelley, “and through their experience at The Fairy Godmother’s Closet and the donated dresses, I feel like that goal was accomplished.”

“A visit to the Fairy Godmother’s Closet is more than a trip to pick out a dress to wear to Joy Prom Winston-Salem, it is an EXPERIENCE!” Linda shared.  “The excitement each lady exudes as they experience The Fairy Godmother’s Closet is indescribable!  It’s quite common to see tears in the eyes of volunteers who help the ladies go through The Fairy Godmother’s Closet experience.”

The Fairy Godmother’s job was not finished after the closet shopping days ended.  Shelley personally greeted each guest as they arrived at the 4thannual Joy Prom Winston-Salem 2018.  Upon arrival, each guest received a corsage or boutonniere as they checked in and were assigned a personal escort for the evening.  The guests entered via a red carpet, each announced by name.  The evening included a DJ, Bingo, crafts, a buffet-style meal, a quiet room, a professional photographer, and a caregiver room.  It was a memorable evening!

Want to be part of the next Fairy Godmother’s Closet or Joy Prom?  For information on how you can donate, be involved, or to contribute, contact Shelley Hundley by phone (336.448.3622 or 803.238.5431) or via e-mail (  Be sure to follow The Fairy Godmother’s Closet on Facebook for information about the 2019 Dressing Event, where to drop off donations, and other related events. For information about the Joy Prom, check their website ( and follow them on their Facebook page.



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