Design Strategies for 2019 Showcase Parade of Homes

When it’s time for the Parade of Homes, we are always excited when the builder brings us plans to review and this year was no different.  The architectural plan gave us a great light-filled open space to work with.  We went about our normal design inspiration – finding the right fabric first and then starting the process of pulling color and material selections for the house.  Of course, new fabrics and new colors are our closest friends.  This year the fabric represented the newest Benjamin Moore colors for 2019.  As a matter of fact, we just finished a Benjamin Moore seminar earlier in the year to learn about new colors.  From the seminar, we walked away with five colors that were used in the new Parade House.  We painted the paint colors on large 12×24 inch paint boards and laid them out in the office for weeks to ponder, contemplate, and reflect upon. The fabric of our choice and the paint color boards were seen every day to make sure the feel was just what we wanted. Ultimately, the ambiance was a huge success during the open house. Warming the large space that was decked out in cooler, neutral colors was easy to do with gold hardware and fabrics.   The Smoke color on the island and laundry room cabinets were stunning, also with gold accents. These colors were a big hit.  (There is a method to our madness!)

Our signature at June DeLugas Interiors, as well as our strategy for the Parade Home, is bright and wonderful – we love open spaces.  We were so pleased with the colors this year.  So many people asked about the materials and color, therefore, we gave out informational sheets the second weekend.  The other cabinets in the house were painted White Dove. Furnishings, accessories, and artwork were purchased by JDI using the theme colors. People tell us that our houses flow and our paint choices really make a difference.

Signature rugs, which were all vintage except the family room, were placed all over. The family room rug was a custom-made carpet with an adornment of an animal-shaped fake zebra rug. We sprayed curly sticks gold for the tall vases to bring the eye up with the height of the ceiling.  The light fixture in the family room filled the space, which also gave off generous light.

I understand that some folks are apprehensive about using a design firm, but most of the time you receive multiple ideas and creativity from a professional. For us, we have four people on the design team, so you get a lot of value for your money and a great design to boot.

December is the time of year to also think about what you will be doing in January. Call now to set up an appointment soon.

Merry Christmas and Blessings, June


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