Coolhouse Cryotherapy: A Cool Place for Natural Wellness and Recovery

Cryotherapy has been around for hundreds of years; however, it is something new to the Triad. Thanks to Coolhouse Cryotherapy in Winston-Salem, this ancient practice uses cold temperatures to help with athletic performance, natural wellness, injury recovery, and pain management. Owners and friends Hartley Hsu and Jon Abbate opened Coolhouse Cryotherapy this past spring after Abbate experienced the benefits of cryotherapy for himself.

“Jon is a local celebrity and played football for Wake Forest University. From there, he went on to play in the NFL for the Houston Texans and California Redwoods. During his football career, Jon went to different doctors, in places such as Los Angeles, and received the newest treatments for his injuries, but nothing really helped the pain and inflammation like cryotherapy did,” Hartley explained.

As the owner of a strength and personal training business, Hartley first met Jon when he personally trained the athlete at Wake Forest University. Quickly a bond developed, and the two began discussing the possibility of bringing cryotherapy to the area.

“He asked me if Winston-Salem had a place that did cryotherapy for people in the community. While there are pain management clinics, there wasn’t a place that targets the main population,” said Hartley. “Jon used his experience as a professional athlete and knowledge of how cryotherapy was being done in big cities, such as Atlanta and New York City. I pulled in my experience, helping training clients deal with their chronic pain, and within six months, we started Coolhouse Cryotherapy.”

According to Hartley, cryotherapy uses liquid nitrogen vapor that creates a dry air. This dry air is between the range of -90 degrees Celsius to -120 degrees Celsius. Currently, the business offers customers three main services: Whole-Body Cryotherapy, NormaTec, and Localized Cryotherapy. A huge advantage and draw for all of these services? Whole-Body and Localized Cryotherapy can be completed in 3 minutes, and NormaTec takes only 30 minutes.

Hartley explained that during Whole-Body Cryotherapy, the client changes into a provided robe, socks, gloves, and boots, and enters a cryosauna, also known as a chamber. Then, they stand and rotate during the three minutes to allow for their body to be exposed to the cold. For safety measures, a technician stays in the room the entire time. As for NormaTec, this regimen uses boots that give off compressions to help generate a continual blood flow and a massage in a person’s legs, arms, or hips. This technology allows for athletes to recover faster and customers to experience pain relief. Lastly, Hartley described the Localized Cryotherapy as being a way to target a certain pain area. He states people who have headaches, migraines, neck aches, etc. can see excellent results from a spot or area treatment. In addition, Coolhouse Cryotherapy offers facials as part of the localized treatment. These facials can help with inflammation, acne, rosacea, and enhancing a person’s collagen in their face.

“These treatments are great alternatives for people who deal with chronic pain every day. Because of the liquid nitrogen turning into dry gas, the types of cryotherapy aren’t wet and aren’t like ice baths or cold showers. A lot of people will come in during their lunch breaks for a quick treatment and women can even wear their makeup,” said Hartley.

People 14 years and older are welcome to stop by and experience cryotherapy for themselves. However, for people ages 14 to 18, Hartley and his team need a parent to sign a waiver and accompany the younger client to their first visit. If you would like, appointments can be scheduled on the company’s website, A cryotherapy treatment can be done every four hours if needed.

“For example, if someone is competing in a triathlon, they could come and have a session to recover between the different events,” Hartley stated. “For others, clients can come in when they aren’t in full pain but feel it coming on. For example, if someone feels a migraine starting, they can have a localized, spot treatment.”

Looking into the future, Hartley and Jon have big plans. Hartley’s wife, Hannah, discussed adding another location. Also, they hope to organize various events, including freeze parties for sports teams, a girls’ night out, and company outings. After all, Coolhouse Cryotherapy has already hosted the Wake Forest Men’s Tennis team, while they were playing in the National Championships.

“One night, we were open until midnight and provided treatments for all of the athletes. It was awesome to see how the players noticed how much better they felt after cryotherapy. This type of treatment helps many people manage arthritis, chronic pain, and inflammation. We have even seen people lessen their pain medicine. If I could do cryotherapy all the time, I would,” added Hartley.

Coolhouse Cryotherapy is located at 115 S. Stratford Road, behind Five Points, in Winston-Salem. Call (336) 880-3824 or visit online at Be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram.


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