Making Dollars, Making $ense: Analysis Paralysis?

I personally have found in today’s fast-paced world of information, the feeling of analysis paralysis can set in on one’s saving/investment plan. Information overload if you will. I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with a potential client who owned a local business. This individual was interviewing potential investment advisors and I could tell […]

A Team-Oriented Approach

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work with a financial advisor?  What about having a team of advisors behind you?  A team that works as a cohesive unit, building your financial plan, managing your risk and investments, all to help you confidently pursue your goals?  One of the key differentiators in […]

Making Dollars Making Sense: Essential Estate Planning Documents

BY STEVEN GALLO, CFP®, Partner, Financial Advisor Estate planning is the process that manages and preserves your assets while you are alive and conserves and controls how they are distributed to your heirs after you pass. Irrespective of your age or net worth, an estate plan is necessary to protect yourself, your loved ones, and […]

Making Dollars, Making $ense: From the Ground Up!

BY JON MARZANO, AIF®, Founding Partner, Managing Principal In order for a community to grow and for its residents to gain a standard of living that would promote bigger families and more worker bees (young adults paying into Social Security) in the future, there is a basic set of financial awareness and understanding that I believe […]

Steven Gallo:  Partner at Marzano Capital Group

  Life often takes interesting twists and turns.  Consider Steven Gallo, a partner at Marzano Capital Group.  After growing up in Lewisville and graduating from West Forsyth High School, Steven went to NC State University and earned a degree in psychology.  Yet, somehow, the road of life landed him in a great career working as […]

Making Dollars, Making $ense: Education, Communication, & Following the Plan

BY BRANDON JAMES, FINANCIAL ADVISOR We have a saying here at Marzano Capital Group that “an educated client is the best type of client.” Educating our clients and potential clients on the “what” and “why” of various financial strategies is extremely important.  There are many moving parts and options to consider when it comes to […]

Making Dollars Making $ense: Handling Market Volatility

The team at Marzano Capital Group understands market volatility can be unnerving and downright scary, especially when you are in the retirement red-zone. In this article, I will share with you three tips to keep in mind when markets turn negative and news headlines are far from positive. Don’t panic! This is first and foremost. When […]

Jon Marzano:  Founding Partner of Marzano Capital Group

For many, the idea of working with a financial advisory company may feel intimidating.  Perhaps even cold and impersonal.  But at Marzano Capital Group – that’s the furthest thing from the truth.  Spearheaded by founding partner Jon Marzano, Marzano Capital Group is an organization that is built on relationships, community engagement, and connections. “My dad […]

Making Dollars Making $ense: The Unique Advantages of Health Savings Accounts

BY STEVEN GALLO, CFP®, Partner, Financial Advisor It is no secret that health insurance premiums and costs are rising every year. Due to the rising cost, folks are looking for ways to save money on medical expenses. That is where the Health Savings Account (HSA) comes in. But you may be asking – What is a […]

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