Dear June: Durability of Textiles and Fabrics

This is a constant question we receive from our clients. We can’t begin to tell you how many clients have asked us for durable fabrics to hold up to their families. Now we all know there is no such material, but we have something close. Sunbrella and Indoor-Outdoor fabrics have become a staple word in […]

Dear June

Remodeling your kitchen and or bath seems like a reasonable thing to do these days. There is currently a shortage of houses for sale.  It makes sense to update what you have and enjoy your home.  When the time is right to sell, your home will be up to date, easier to sell, and probably more […]

Dear June

Summer months are spent with children home from school, vacationing, and catching up on those long overdue projects.  We normally remind our clients that if you are thinking of remodeling a bathroom or a kitchen, you should start early to be able to finish the project by the holidays, and nowadays, supply and demand dictate […]

Dear June: What is Style?

It’s your birthday and what can you ask your husband for? How about stunning colorations for your dream bedroom?  We’ve got you covered! A bedroom is often the last room in the house to get your attention, so we like to make it special. Whenever we design a client’s dream bedroom, we create a balance between […]

Dear June: Furnishings and Remodeling, Turn-Key

In the design industry, it is important for us to continue to learn and stay on top of all the new products and technology.  With the changes happening faster than one can think, it is wise to continue to educate yourself as much as possible.  LED lighting, stain-resistant acrylic fabrics, recycled materials, and even new […]

Customize It!  Your Style, Your Way

  One of the benefits of working with a designer is the endless possibilities available to you as a consumer.  Our years of experience have led us to identify the top manufacturers in the industry who specialize in custom-made furnishings.  We spend days at the furniture markets in High Point and Atlanta searching for the […]

Fresh Colors, Fabrics, and Design

  As I prepare to attend the Atlanta market, I can’t help but reflect on our economy. I try to be loyal to my vendors just as my customers and clients have been loyal to me. Although things have been tough for a few years, vendors are working feverishly to show off their latest and […]

Dear June: Purchasing Sofas and Chairs – Design Challenges

  Our most challenging questions often come from clients who are in the market to purchase new sofas and chairs.  Sometimes clients want more furniture than there is space.  After we measure a room, we complete a scaled drawing using our CAD software to find the best furniture arrangement.  We then move forward to select […]

Dear June… Holiday Magic is in the Air

I don’t know about you, but I am getting really excited about Christmas this year.  It is that time of year when we start thinking of friends and family that are coming home for the holidays.  Decorating is an important subject and starting early will be less stressful.  A list of the rooms you want to […]

June DeLugas Interiors: The Art of Design

PHOTOS BY JODIE BRIM Balancing colors, fabrics, and the endless other intricate decisions necessary to create the perfect space for life or work, June DeLugas is a master of dazzling details and creative vision. From her regular Forsyth Woman blog, “Dear June” (where readers adore seeing her passion for her craft shine through!) to welcoming loyal followers […]

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