Vonda Henderson

Editorial Director

Forsyth Magazines writer since 2012. Vonda was born in Greensburg, KY. With a father who worked for the railroad, she grew up in several areas including various parts of Tennessee and Alabama. Eventually, Vonda relocated to North Carolina and has called Winston-Salem home for almost 40 years. Vonda has a degree in English and media communications and recently retired from HanesBrands after 37 years. She joined the Forsyth Magazines team a few years ago at the encouragement of her daughter, Denise, who serves as project manager. She enjoys traveling, knitting, cooking and reading (most of all, reading about military history). “I love the variety of articles (including human interest, historical, informational, local businesses, service organizations and humor),” said Vonda.

What are we missing?

Think back a few decades and try to recall something that was in everyday use back then that no one uses today. How many did you

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Benefits of Mineral Water

What type of water do you prefer?  The difference is not just between tap water and bottled water; there are more classifications of water than

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What’s a State Favorite?

Each state has something that stands out in the minds of its residents or perhaps something that everyone equates with that particular state.  When it

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