Resume For a Service Dog

BY ZIVA (The Wonder Dog) GOAL: Simply stated, my job is to make my person’s life easier by helping with daily tasks. EXPERIENCE: My training is extensive and I can help my person in many ways.  I’m not as specialized as some of my peers, like seeing eye dogs or hearing specialists; however, my job […]

Investor Influences

BY AL SEYMOUR, ChFC®, CLU®, CRPC®, CASL®, AEP®, CAP® Wealth Manager There are many things that influence how we invest our money. I will cover two influences in this article that often contribute to individuals’ different choices. The first is the difference between how we view current economics and the second is our individual political […]

Christina’s Dessertery: Back to Basics

Ten years ago, Christina Johnson fell in love with cake design.  Her artistic eye coupled with an incredible gift for baking quickly gained attention.  Christina’s cakes aren’t just something beautiful – they are noted for being both light and delicious.  For over a decade, Christina has taken great care and pride in making from-scratch cakes […]

Things Not to Say to Your Pregnant Friend

Pregnancy is such an exciting and special time in a woman’s life. But it can also be scary and overwhelming.  It is really important to be able to surround yourself with loving friends and family to support you through it.  It is also important for those loving, caring people to understand that there are certain things […]

Introducing Dr. Tyler Wynne, DDS at Dr. Sharon Reid, DDS in Clemmons

After living in the area and practicing dentistry in Clemmons for over a year now, I am proud to call Clemmons my dental home. I’ve had the privilege of helping many patients reach their goals of healthy teeth and beautiful smiles that last a lifetime. It is such a welcoming community, and it is an […]

Conversations with Your BFF: How Do I Deal with Toxic People?

BY REBECCA COOPER   I think we would all agree that it is important to give our bodies a break from ‘toxic’ food and alcohol. We know that fast food every day isn’t good for us and downing a bottle of wine or a six pack every night isn’t a wise choice to stay healthy. […]

Poetically Correct

Poetry can be cryptic and complex, but also artistic and beautiful. It has evolved tremendously over the centuries yet remained consistent. Let’s take a closer look at that paradoxical statement and see how poetry has blessed the world and how some people are using it today. POETICALLY HISTORICAL Poetry originated as a spoken language before […]

Eating Disorder Awareness

BY JAMIE LOBER The National Eating Disorder Association declared Monday, February 25 through Sunday, March 3, 2019, as eating disorder awareness week.  There are many women who made the resolution to lose weight or exercise more and took it too far.  The National Institute of Mental Health reinforced that eating disorders are serious and not […]

Sweets To Make Your Sweetie Smile

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. What better way to show your love than to make some homemade sweets. If you are in a new relationship or in a seasoned one, this can be a great way to show how much you care. For the Chocolate Lover There are lots of great ways to […]

Adulting 101

Do you ever think it’s ironic how kids try so hard to be grown up, and grown-ups long for the days of being a kid?  It’s true that we often want what we don’t have.  And adulting is no different. The act of adulting, or being an adult, is thrust upon 18-years-olds around the country. Suddenly, […]

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